It was a hot Sunday.

NH: So where are we heading?
AR: You’ll see when we get there.
NH: Ah.. so this is Tasik Shah Alam. This is my first time here.
AR: Ok, catch me if you can.

Then she ran off like being chased by dogs. She’s quick, but I won’t let this man’s ego go down the drain. Afterall, sprinting is my forte. I caught up to her, although I have to reassure you, she’s no ordinary runner. Gotcha! as I tapped her shoulder.

The cycle went on for 2-3 more times around the lake.

NH: Ok, I’m out of breath and sweaty, I won’t be chasing you anymore.
AR: Come on old man, you can do this!

Again, it was the ego sentiment she toyed around. There she goes, running off leaving quite a gap between us. One quick breathe, I chased her with all my might.


She shouted at the top of her lungs, asking for help while I was closely chasing her from behind. Everyone looked at me as if I was a molester or a flasher. I have to admit, I was pretty scared of getting beaten up by strangers. Eventually she stopped fearing for my safety.

She burst into laughter as I was still dumbfounded by the whole incident.

Alone in my room, thinking about what happened, I couldn’t help but grinning ear to ear. She’s witty and playful, reminds myself of how I used to be. But I’ll make sure someday, she’ll gets her dose of medicine. *Scheming up to something*

ps: Oh yeah, after 4 years, I’ve finally found someone who compliments me in every way 🙂


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  1. *senyum lebar*

  2. that AR girls sounds like a pretty awesome girl to me. and to be a good runner on top of that, I’m jealous 😉

  3. she is indeed awesome !!!
    agree with u aisyah *evil grin*

  4. come on come onnn i demand for a cover from u two lurvebirds!! hehehehehehe

  5. I should’ve brought shorts and a spare tshirt. So I can at least make 2 rounds around the lake 🙂

    ps: Sile jeles

  6. Laju nak mampus odin, confirm ko terkontang kanting nak kejar!

  7. Change this blog theme please. Not suitable for emo anymore =p *grinnn*

  8. she can dance! 😛

  9. hmm. nak join juga la camni. but, kene tunggu end year baru boleh. haha. 😛

  10. waww wawww 😛

  11. patutlah dah tak geng dengan makcik2 macam Kak Jie…. hiks!

    Eddie berbunga-bunga macam hero Hindustan :p

  12. so this is how a happy NH’s post looks like. hehehe….

  13. Menari kat kerusi je susah gak 😛

  14. Minus the guling-guling part, nanti miang satu badan. Alaa makcik-makcik pon jarang turun KL, nak buat camne.

  15. Hahaha. Sadly this remains my place for dark thoughts and stories. It’s the only channel for me to unleash my darker side.

  16. Woot? I think I’ve been happy many times before, maybe I just couldn’t connect it well.

  17. btw, I’m sure that AR girl is not afraid of your so-called revenge in the future, if you can ever do it. even if you do, I’m sure she knows your weakness. ;p

  18. Hahahahaha. Senyum lebar. Happy tgk kawan aku happy macam ni. haha

    Congrats both of u 😉

    P/s : aku tak sabar nak tunggu ko buat tema arabian night. ada shisha setiap meja. fuh.. best. hahahahaha

  19. Aisyah Rozi, you have one hella funny blog there 🙂 Love the dresses you made. Wonder if you sell them online.

  20. lagi best kalo ko kene pukol rrr.. aku suke style GF ko.. ngahaha…

  21. Entri bangga + bahagia.. :p

  22. Kalau AR lumba lari dengan aku, sapa menang?

  23. Dude, I don’t mean to insult you, but she represents her school. So think about it before ajak die lawan. Hahaha. Aku pon tercungap2 nak kejar!

  24. chet… I was never a fast runner pun hahaha…. 13.2 sec was my fastest 100m….

    Lempar cakera bleh la ajak kot. =)

  25. kekekekee.. cant help grinning thru out ur entry.. ahahahahaa so dont let go of her k!!

  26. I like girl like this.. They will make your life better and not boring.. 😉

  27. molester, huh?

    i got it once from my bf… we had a fight, i ran to my car and started the engine, about to reverse the car when he shouted, “It is NOT my baby! Who is the father???”

    bongok punya balak. kat depan kedai mamak tu… dah la time dinner… kedai penuh sampai meja2 extension yang right in front of my car.

    everyone was looking at us. malu siot. terus aku dari nak marah tergelak macam orang gila.

    i was never pregnant, by the way. lol

  28. tak sabar nak makan nasik beriani gam kat umah deme…hik3.. emm cite hindustan la plak..kalo deme payoh nok kejor..teman lagi ler..=p

  29. Try la lumba jalan kaki 50m ngan saye kalau berani…hahaha

    Btw, bile la ko nak kenalkan ngan ‘jejaki’ bertuah bernama, si AR ni bro? nama dah selalu dengar…tapi tak kenal orang lagi…hehehe

  30. thank you babe. oh I don’t sell them online, but planning to make em for my friends. they’re dying for it. I can make one for you too, if you want. but have to wait for my semester break. hehe.

  31. Nanti kirimkan aku kad tau eddie! Hehe.

  32. Happy for both of you. Have a wonderful moments ahead. =)

  33. Awwwww man. 🙂
    I wish you both the best.

  34. haha..eddie and Aisyah Rozi..AR..ingat still nak kat doc lagi..tahniah!

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