To Singapore in June 2012

It’s been a while since my last trip to Singapore. Nothing changed drastically but more than enough to fell like I’m abroad although literally next door neighbor. Let’s do pictures instead.

I walked from Bugis all the way to Marina Bay Sand. That’s like 6 km?

Saw a mother of all ferris wheel, but it was closed for maintenance I think.

We further down to Kelantan Road to the famous Ah Boy Bike store. This boot is a steal! It’s RM 400 and in Malaysia, it’s RM 950 for the same pair. Crazy huh?

Passed by evening market. Kinda looked like a thrift road.

Some of these items are usable though a bit used. I did offer to buy some amplifier, but had no way of carrying it back especially with the huge bike boots I bought. Some one was bargaining for SGD 2 for t-shirt, and he got it!

Some wasn’t happy with me taking photos. I left immediately.

From a far, I thought they were betting or something. But they’re actually waiting for the bus to Johor Bahru. I asked myself, who’d be stupid enough to wait in line this long? The next day, I took the same route.

Ban San Street is where you get taxis to Johor Bahru, costs SGD 15-30 depending on your nego skills.

Bugis Village. Definitely want to stay here again next time 😉

The famous Bugis Street. It’s a bit crowded but if you want cheap souvenirs, this is the place to go! They have everything, just name it!

Cheap ‘visit Singapore’ T-shirt, I don’t need one. Except for Hard Rock Cafe ones.

Selling fridge magnets too, even KLCC (that’s in Malaysia) is there.

People crossing Oxford street. Name your day, it will always be packed of people. This was on Thursday. I was knocked a couple of times, screamed and they said sorry. Good enough.

Overall, Singapore will always be Singapore. Just a shame more and more people stealing their ‘service industry’, not much difference compare to Malaysia.

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