To Clear or Reset on MyNic Website

I don’t know what the web developer was thinking.. Reset and Clear? Doesn’t ‘reset’ means clear everything and ‘clear’ means reset everything? Aduhai, just key in submit je la. Buat susah orang je.

So once I figured out which is the real Submit button, I got this prompt.

I tried entering rememberable password, it said I failed the strength test. How strong do you want it to be? Do me a favor MyNic, just mail a generated password. Saves us both time.


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waaa… canggih ni. hahaha.. dah try firebug. tengok input type = submit. so klik yang tu utk submit. :p

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NoktahHitam replied #1

Jenuh nak bukak firebug nak tgk type die. Satu hal!

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Azman Ishak wrote on March 6, 2012 #1

website ni mmg fail UX

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odin88 wrote on March 7, 2012 #2

Kalau bukak site mynic nak tukar DNS pagi2 hari, memang spoil satu hari.

Confusing gila. Aku yg dah belajar Solid State Physics ni pun jenuh nak layan site mynic ni.

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Iskandar wrote on March 8, 2012 #3

Though they kononnya improved. It’s still a mess. Sigh. -_-!

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Danny Foo wrote on March 8, 2012 #4

good Luck

Buat je JUST DO IT..

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fiq09 wrote on March 13, 2012 #5

Leave a comment, I won't bite ;)

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