Tidur Seharian

Kick off dinner, celebrating 10 years after school.


It was a blast. Total turn out, 70 including ladies. I’m sadden by the fact that many names on the list didn’t make it. We had to pay for these heads. Kenapelah susahkan member sendiri?

I didn’t enjoy myself much. I was working silently and making sure everything was in order. By the time I settled down, everyone was making their way out. Not much laugh or talk yesterday. Have to admit, I miss those deep conversations.

I thank fqrl, fadli, riq, zaaba, ptt, izrin and many unnamed soldiers for putting much effort into the dinner.

And today, I slept for a good 12 hours. Woke up and ate pizza, and continued for another solid 4 hours.

I woke up at 8pm feeling lost, disoriented and little depressed. I should’ve spent my Sunday doing something other than sleeping (like washing car or work).

16 hours of sleep, now I need some drugs to knock some sense.

ps: Kene Qada semua solat 😯

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