Tick Tock Tick Tock

*Teet Teet* Unlocking my phone with my face flat on the pillow, I was wondering what time it is.

It’s 5.00 am. I’ve been rolling around for 4 hours. It was dreadful. Even an insomniac tablet can’t help me take off. Urggh, I need to learn to shut my brain. STOP THINKING AND SLEEP! YOU’VE GOT A MEETING AT 9am!

*sandwiched my head with 2 pillows*

I passed out. The last time I checked the clock was 6.05 am. Good 2 more hours of sleep.

25 minutes later, a couple of knocks landed on my door. My lovable-living-alarm-system (mom!) never fail to get me off the bed at 6 30am. Now I can’t sleep anymore, I might as well work or do some light reading drawing.

Current record, 7 hours on the bed and still wide awake.

ps: I need a horse tranquilizer. Anyone here a Vet?

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