Think Big, Dream Less, Act More



When I quit my dads’ company, I decided the only way to survive in this world is to start a business.

I analyzed the market, service is the best industry to capitalize on my personal knowledge & skills. I started my own web development company as I always like to fondle have always been in love with PHP & MySQL and many OpenSource projects. A few months ago, I have witnessed one of the greatest financial problem in my life.

Initially, I can say I started with zero money in my account. Like many, I started small. I employed myself, used a personal laptop and acquired softwares, (ehem.. original). I have very little knowledge on marketing and sh*t. I threw my savings getting the ‘right people’ to consult. It turned out to be fraud, or rather, “i know this sh*t!”. Oh man, what a waste. Nonetheless, my business grew, slowly. Nevertheless, I thought this is how a business starts, negative.

As I secure new projects, I started employing other freelancers. Things was rough. I had to pay them upfront for new projects and that came from my own pocket. Then a couple of weeks passed by, my clients decided not to use my service and took my proposal elsewhere. OMG! I have wasted a few more thousands to get the ball rolling. I guess people don’t really look at small start-ups. I grew upset. I could hardly get a good night rest thinking about my next move.

A couple more blunders surfaced, my car broke down, my house loan, utility bills and more. It came to a point, where I had to flip my “piggy bank” to get some coins for LRT fares. Thank God I live with my parents, food & shelter was no problem. I started owing my best buds, believe me, my face was 5 feet thick when I asked for some funds. Thank you!

Never in my life, I asked my dad for advise, he explained very briefly, “Think Big, Dream Less, Act More”. He also pointed out this is just a temporary hiccup and I should pray more often. He added, if this is your passion, it will work out someday. He offered to inject some funds, but I refused. I didn’t want to rely on him, he will be gone one day.

A few months passed, projects rolled in, I settled my debts (close to everything). I have never felt such relieved in a long time. I’m thankful to my parents who supported me indirectly, my friends for the long-term-no-interest-loan, my clients for the boost of confidence and to my youngest brother, sorry I didn’t spare my free time with you.

What have I learned?

  • Your old man knows more
  • Start charging when you know it cost you
  • Maintain a good relation with all your friends
  • Don’t trust others easily
  • Stop the thinking game, just do it
  • Always, always have faith in God.

Now what? Laman7 is looking forward to secure a few more projects in the next months. We’re also looking forward to acquire a grant to fund our social project. Things are looking good great and I hope this will last. I end this post with a quote from the Quran.

Verily, with hardship, there is relief (Quran 94:6)

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