Thicker Than Blood


We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools. – King Martin Jr. Luther.

So 13 years, We’ve been through all,
Through thick and thin, papers and walls.

No matter who, what, where or why,
We held each other and break the tide.

We’re now doctors, lawyers and engineers,
Looking back, we did falter, but it doesn’t matter.

Because we’re brothers,
For 13 years, pushing another.

Happy Birthday 9600.


5th December 1995 – 5th December 2008. Time sure flies.

ps: Sorry, 5 minutes poem. Don’t have time to brush it up.

pss: Picture credit to Pondar and whoever I stole those pictures from.

psss: 13 years ago, my parents left me in small town in Perak. What a sad sight.

pssss: 13 years later, I want to go back but too busy with life. What a sad sight.

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