Thick As Thieves


[flash ]

used without permission from wanie 🙄

The self proclaimed female version of Dashboard Confessional. Overall, me like ~

Let’s hope she’ll write more of these song.

ps: This is what you get from someone who can read source code, a music pirate 😉

pss: No, she’s not my girlfriend, but it’d be nice to have someone who can sing 😛

psss: Pheww.. I like this kind entry the most. Got adrenaline rush-la 😮


I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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  1. 2 minit 30 sec nye idea, kelam kabut… tp aku pon suke. tergese2 nak buat sume mende 👿

  2. new age blogging style eh ;p u shud do these kind more often hehehe

    awwww.. someday i’d post my original song.. thick as thieves was a cover!

    and ur right, its soooo nice to have someone who can sing for u!

    waniee’s last blog post..It’s the weekend!

  3. two thumbs up eddie!
    eddie next time you buat video tutorial for photoshop or things mainly yang related with web design eh. =)

    nono’s last blog post..if it could all be so simple

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