The Worst Nightmare a Son Could Potentially Have

Early Monday morning, I was awaken by the chills that caught my spine. Normally, if you’re awake in the middle of the sleep, you should actually perform a prayer. At least that’s what most Ustaz would tell you to do, not me, definitely not me. So I pulled the blanky and shrugged forcing myself an extra round of shut eye.

In the second sleep I had a nightmare that was scarier than any ghost, Freddy Krueger, Zombies, or Joker combined. I dreamed the passing of my mother.

There she was, laid on the floor covered in white cloth. The room was packed with people yet so silent. The four of us brothers comforted our wives and dad was left standing by door. I wanted to cry but I couldn’t, I had to be strong for dad. I’m sure my brothers felt the same way too.

The death was too sudden, she had no illness, no accident, it was just her time.

It was the gloomiest nightmare ever. I woke up covered in sweat and tears. I didn’t want to call mom immediately, I was still traumatized. I took some time to digest, “ok Ed, this is the real world. Mama is still alive.”

Two days passed, that nightmare left quite a scar. It got me thinking, if she passed away, what would be the thing I would miss most? The constant nagging? The long winded conversation? The advises? No. None of that really matters anymore. If any, the easiest for me to remember is her serene smile.

So today I went out and got her something that isn’t exactly within my reach, it’s more like a pain in the neck. But I’d prefer to suffer now than later.

As I walked into the house, she asks, I thought you already got a handbag for your wedding prep? I smiled. She could tell easily tell from the labels of the paper bag. Slowly I walked to her and handed her the bag. Is this a shoe? She asked? Mom, I have no idea what’s your size.

Carefully she opened the paper bag. Layers upon layers of wrappers laid a bag. She lifted it up, panning it side to side, rotating it to make sure it’s the real thing. She smiled from ear to ear. It was exactly what I wanted to see and I felt so relieved knowing that my mom is still here with me.

My mom is very careful when it comes to spending. No matter how much money I gave her, she’d never buy a designer’s bag. She’d probably keep the money for our future sake. She’s such a traditional woman.

Tonight, someone will sleep dreaming of when to use the bag, while the other thinks of how he’s going to fund for it. It doesn’t matter, as long as I saw my mom’s smile and I loved it very dearly.

I guess it’s about time you pick up your phone and give your mom a call. It doesn’t have to be Mother’s Day or her birthday, just pick up the phone and call your mom before it’s too late.

I LOVE YOU Ma, please don’t give me creepy nightmares again.

– Love Your Son, NH.

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