The Un-sangka-rable Marketing

“Dude, let’s go out. Wear something smart ok. I’ll pick you up after Maghrib”

Yeah, someone is paying for a Karoake session and bloody hell, I’m up for it! la La LA La la. Voice check. Ok, I’m good to go. About 7.30pm he picked me up. It was rather weird seeing him wearing a jacket. *Malaysia’s hot ok, no need jacket lah*.

“So where are we heading?”, I wasn’t too sure about the road.

“Somewhere you might like”. He continued driving.

“We’re here”, he said.

“Where is here?”

“Just follow-lah”

It was a hall filled with people wearing business suit. I didn’t bring my glasses, it was almost impossible to see the signs.

“Selamat datang ke…” I held the pamphlet and saw.. it was an MLM meeting or some shit. For a minute there I felt like punching my friend in the face. But it’s not worth breaking a sweat over tedious matter.

I sat there, 2 hours listening to “successful stories”. Non of them were inspiring.

“So what do you think bro? You can join under…”

“Bro, don’t ever call me again”, I interrupted and left him dumbfounded.

ps: Yes dude. I really mean it!

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