The Trending Blog Style

I don’t know about you, but I am quite disgusted with ‘Show Off blogs’. These are the types that displays their photos just to spur up some envy. More often branded as bimbo blogs.

These show off buggers usually hogs all the attention. For instance..

Hey look, I have a new LV bag~

Of course being a normal person, one can never resist the temptation of enviousness,  including myself. And advertisers love these bloggers.

Day by day, I find myself lack of reading materials to feed my curiousity. Whitepaper is boring, it’s too formal and profit oriented. Reading manuals of something you don’t own is pretty idiotic. News are just lies except for Sports and lottery.

But then again, it’s really up to them, it’s their blog. For me, I’m just keying-in my thoughts as I’m pretty sure, such phase will never happen again.

ps: Boy and Ally are now proud father, so happy for them 🙂

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