The Toyol for Exam

It’s exam fever. I’d like to wish juniors good luck for the exam, and most definitely the result.

Yesterday, I bought an All-In-One printer (AiO). It’s been ages since I sought for one. The last one was BCJ-2000SP, a very famous Canon model. It’s still working but I never liked the way it’s oddly shaped, prone to collect dust.

So anyway, I started clearing out my desk to make room for the new found love. I scanned my old notes in the process.


Control System, year 2 Engineering, only 4 pieces of paper. I couldn’t find my ‘toyol’ a.k.a. cheat sheet. It’s only 1 page summing everything above.


  1. Did your gf write them for you? No.
  2. It’s so small, can you read it? Yes.
  3. Did anyone make a copy? I think so.
  4. Did you score the subject? No. I overslept and missed the exam
  5. Why do you choose to compress the notes? Less is more, more is less, more or less.
  6. The main reason to short hand your note. To save trees and be a cheapskate.
  7. Exam’s over, why don’t you throw it away? I spent hours writing this, do you think I’ll let it go to waste?
  8. Then go recycle! No. The memories intact is priceless.
  9. How old is the notes? 6 years.

I’m glad I’m through with engineering, I didn’t like it in the first place.

ps: Not going to blog about my niece. It’ll only invite the get-married-lah-eddie! in me.


I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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  1. Memang rugi kalau berlandaskan prinsip
    Kalau nasib menjadi taruhan aka rasa-rasa nak melingkup aja, kena jugak seru toyol.Lain cerita kalau gagal itu bukan hal yang besar.

    Senang cerita, keep your study at a constant pace. stride long from the start. so there wouldn’t be last minute “perah otak bagai nak pecah” session.

  2. hehe. aku pun masih simpan toyol-toyol kertas memang lama giler usang.. 🙂

  3. isk2..x berkat ilmu korang sape bwk masuk toyol g exam…haha..

    OMG im sooo allergic to numbers, all the numbers and functions and graphs..urgh!

  4. aku bdak unisel, aku bawak toyol mse exam smlam, tapi mmg dah nasib aku kot, aku kantoi. hahah.. padan muka aku!

  5. eiyh… thats a pretty smart acronym! nifty!

  6. that my subject.. aku pon penah wat sebijik camtu.. nasib aku baik..da lepas

  7. bro, ko bdak EE ek? aku leh nmpk power electronics, control systems notes combined~ org gile saje yg bleh hapal fourier ngan laplace transform tuh~ hahah!

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