The Tagging Game Continues

Aisyah Rozi

I’ve been tagged by AisyahRozi, who is officially another ‘accomplice’ in my IM.

So the tag is, to write 10 weird, random facts, habits, or goals about myself. Continue to read if you want to know the boring person I am.

1. I want to be a millionaire by 25 😈

I am soon to be 25, I still have another year to go (25 years and 363 days, is still 25 right?). Time is not a luxury I have, yet I procrastinate my work and ideas.

2. My first Million :kiss:

Call me what ever you want to call me, but my first million will go to charity. For which organisation, I don’t know.

3. I want to go into a medical school 🙄

Yup, another insane goal. I believe a hero saves life. Fireman, police, army are heroes too, but I don’t think my rigid body can withstand their physical training.

4. Global warming freak 😕

I submit myself to nature’s call (not to berak or kencing ok). I preach to people about the importance of conserving energy but often given the “what the hell?” look. I don’t care. One person does make a difference.

5. I’m a perfectionist in my own way 😯

Yet, my room is always messy.

6. I like classy toilets :XO:

Classy – super clean, ample space, functional and smells like lemonade. It’s doesn’t really matter anyway. When I have to ‘go’, I ‘go’.

7. I hate reading 😡

The more I hate reading, the more I ended buying books and magazines. There’s also approximately 200-250 blog entries or news daily in my Google Reader. I read each and everyone of them. I spend 4 hours reading everyday, I’m a slow reader.

8. I love to run 👿

But often out of breath or my knee (or hamstring) starts giving in. They’re signaling me, “Dude! You’re getting older lah, give it a rest!”. My pace for jogging is slower than walking. An average Ali, Ah Seng and Mutusamy will laugh at me. I don’t care. (run and jog, same meaning, different movement)

9. I write songs 😳

I believe everything I do, must have a theme song. They’re not as good as mainstream or underground music. Often I hum myself to sleep.

10. I want to marry a doctor ➡

I have yet to justify, why I wanted to marry a doctor. I’ll give you one. They studied hard, have a terrible social life, f*cked up daily routines, always busy and restless. They are burning themselves to save an anonymous soul. That’s how I perceive ‘beauty’.

Whom should I tag? Here goes, TheBanker, Life4Hire, NikNazmi (cancel, ko sibuk berpolitik) and Bongkersz (I know you hate it! Haha), Naftalena (speak up!), KNizam (aku tau ko suke mende camniehhh), FadhBest (sebab aku sayang ko), MK (sebab ko cite pasal komputer je) and Amcek (ko kahwin doctor kan? Cisssssss).

It’s okay if you want to drop this tag, I’ll just super-impose your face on a CK under garment advertisement and circulate via email, a sign of gratitude from NH 😮

ps: No. 11, I secretly want to be Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker or Mick Foley 😀

pss: Aisyah, the next tag I receive will go directly to you! ❗

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