The T-Shirt

I glanced through my wardrobe, I pulled out a t-shirt. It was red, dark in color only sparks of you I can remember. The t-shirt that she left me with, along with pieces of undying memories.

Not like I don’t have anything else to wear, but it was already unfolded. I don’t think I’d want to spend another minute folding it. I snugged in, it feels nice, fits my back perfectly, like the way it used to.

As I lay in bed, I start to wonder what happened between us. Why was there too much hatred born from love? My thoughts unwind. Thinking about the time that passed by. I can still feel my toes, and I am no where near slumberland.

I leaned on my right, tucking my pillow securely under my arms.

It’s just a red dark collar t-shirt, what’s the fuss? But I am still touched, to think that it was actually given on my birthday, 7 years ago.

Happy Birthday Edwin.

ps: what are the odds of finding the gift that was stored away for 5 years on my birthday?

pss: I guessed I’m sentimental after all.

psss: No, I’m not hinting for a gift

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