The T-Shirt

I glanced through my wardrobe, I pulled out a t-shirt. It was red, dark in color only sparks of you I can remember. The t-shirt that she left me with, along with pieces of undying memories.

Not like I don’t have anything else to wear, but it was already unfolded. I don’t think I’d want to spend another minute folding it. I snugged in, it feels nice, fits my back perfectly, like the way it used to.

As I lay in bed, I start to wonder what happened between us. Why was there too much hatred born from love? My thoughts unwind. Thinking about the time that passed by. I can still feel my toes, and I am no where near slumberland.

I leaned on my right, tucking my pillow securely under my arms.

It’s just a red dark collar t-shirt, what’s the fuss? But I am still touched, to think that it was actually given on my birthday, 7 years ago.

Happy Birthday Edwin.

ps: what are the odds of finding the gift that was stored away for 5 years on my birthday?

pss: I guessed I’m sentimental after all.

psss: No, I’m not hinting for a gift


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  1. kalau jumpa gambar lagi sentimental bro, teringat semua kisah yang ade. ehehe
    *itu la yg jd dekat aku 😛

  2. barang lepas jgn dikenang lagi bro…

  3. Nak buang, tak patut la. Orang bagi tu.

  4. sekacak ko pon ade org tinggal gak? isk isk isk.. gambar mmg sentimental la, but mende dah lepas, dah lepas dah.

  5. please find new stuff to be sentimental ..
    *hint to aisyah*

  6. pi beday.. hehe, nak tshirt baru ke? kalo nak aku post.. hahaha

  7. hahaha.. tak payah hint. aku bukan kesah pon 😛

  8. aku kasi address, ko hantar? sure ni? Jgn bagi yg ko dh pakai, busuk! hahahah

  9. oh damn. sorry hun. I am so broke now. Nanti I korek2 duit siling kat rumah ni. Boleh la kot I bagi u alarm clock. Tak payah pagi2 nak dgr suara annoying I kejut u. hehe. :p

    p.s, what’s done is done. and I’m sure you already know that. 🙂

  10. shit. premature submission. tak sempat nak edit. ok whatever lah. -____-

  11. It’s ok. I don’t need materials to keep me interested 🙂

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