The Reception of Bloggers: Syam Aeropama & Ikhwan Tekong

Double wedding one day.

How I know Syam Aeropama? He used to run a blog called Aeropama. We used to hangout with Bongkersz and life4hire. We first met at Ayam Golek 2008 and became friends ever since. From his bachelorhood to being a husband. Anyway my friend, good luck in your marriage and may you be blessed with beautiful kids.

How I know Ikhwan Tekong? We were both entreprenuers, twitter, blog and net addicts. It was only a matter of time to be officially acquainted. Funny guy, loud and very naughty. Congratulations and may God bless your deeds and marriage.

Sadly, I didn’t have my 60D with me. These were shot using my brothers 50D (I didn’t want to change the settings). One thing I wish I had, a flash gun (speed light). Attendees were, Amanz, Odin88, Finafedora, Icednyior, Azri83, Iamizuddinhelmi, wani, MrKayMY, myadlan, shamhardy and ramai lagi.

Paling tak tahan..

biase la, datuk seri kapasiti die lain..

ps: It was fun meeting the whole twitter bunch

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