The Reception of Bloggers: Syam Aeropama & Ikhwan Tekong

Double wedding one day.

How I know Syam Aeropama? He used to run a blog called Aeropama. We used to hangout with Bongkersz and life4hire. We first met at Ayam Golek 2008 and became friends ever since. From his bachelorhood to being a husband. Anyway my friend, good luck in your marriage and may you be blessed with beautiful kids.

How I know Ikhwan Tekong? We were both entreprenuers, twitter, blog and net addicts. It was only a matter of time to be officially acquainted. Funny guy, loud and very naughty. Congratulations and may God bless your deeds and marriage.

Sadly, I didn’t have my 60D with me. These were shot using my brothers 50D (I didn’t want to change the settings). One thing I wish I had, a flash gun (speed light). Attendees were, Amanz, Odin88, Finafedora, Icednyior, Azri83, Iamizuddinhelmi, wani, MrKayMY, myadlan, shamhardy and ramai lagi.

Paling tak tahan..

biase la, datuk seri kapasiti die lain..

ps: It was fun meeting the whole twitter bunch

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33 thoughts on “The Reception of Bloggers: Syam Aeropama & Ikhwan Tekong”

  1. adoi ai… seronoknye.. tak pe la.. tadek rezeki nak join. tunggu nasi minyak eddie plak la. by that time.. anak aku pon dah besar. silap-silap dah bleh belari. haha!

  2. isteri aku siap terkejut kot dia cakap

    “noktahhitam tu bukan blog ramai orang masuk ke? dia dtg kenduri abg?”

    thx sbb dtg kenduri aku. truly appreciate it. 🙂

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