The Pre Honey Moon

Finally, after weeks of struggling to prepare for the wedding, we managed to settle down and escape our hectic lives to Port Dickson.

The day started with some extreme activities. Hmmm, some how I wouldn’t call it extreme because we rode it pretty slow. We had 4 laps on ATV (all-terrain vehicle), 1 lap on scrambler and a lap on the buggy. Later the day, we had 8 laps on the go-cart on the roof top of the Store PD.

The facility is quite run down, so was the equipment but we didn’t expect much as it was pretty cheap (we got the deal from Groupsmore thanks to @khairul). Since it was weekdays, we had the entire track all to ourselves. It was definitely a new experience for us. I’m not really into extremes and adventure, but Aisyah is. I guess, I had to follow her lead.

Soon afterwards, we found ourselves on the roof top of The Store riding around track. It was a slippery course, we pretty much enjoyed the sliding maneuver (actually drifting) though we were advised against it. Aisyah did pretty well for a girl. She definitely has a soft spot for G force.

We later checked in the water chalets we booked through Agoda, not cheap but we were tempted with the discounts. We found ourselves too tired to go out when we got into the tub. The heat stroke caught us by surprise.

We couldn’t really find a good place for dinner around Port Dickson. We were actually looking for a seafood place where we could choose fresh fish and crabs. Unfortunately, PD is a tourist attraction known for it’s beach not fisherman. We had dinner at some shack after almost 2 hours running around.

Deep into the night, we found ourselves walking by the beach. I must admit, I have never been this comfortable with my better half. We had deep talks and jokes enough to get tummy cramps. There and then, I knew I didn’t marry the wrong girl.

We sailed home the next day to Keramat and went to my aunt’s open house the next day.

On our way back to Shah Alam, we stopped by my office to play pool. Aisyah has been pushing me to teach her pool for a very long time. She kinda gave up after the first frame. Me being insistant, she finally found her touch on the table. She’s a natural. If she refines her technique I’m sure I’d lose to her though I play almost daily after office hours.

All in all, I felt lucky to have found Aisyah. I hope our happiness will last to the end of time. Insya Allah. Amin.

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