The Pig Project and Khir Toyo

It seems this topic gets rather unusual response over at, Khir Toyo’s Blog and printed medias.

All in all, it’s best for the NATURE and the people.

On other note, Khir Toyo explained, that he is performing his umrah (09/04/08 – 18/04/08). But he did update his blog on 10th, 11th and 12th. Is this is a trickery or the Arabs have good internet connection?

ps: Dr Khir, please be settle your umrah first, then come back and sort out this head ache of yours

pss: RM100mil for pig project or RM100mil for a space tourist, which is better?

NH’s quote: Good that you (Khir Toyo) seek forgiveness from the Al-Mighty. What about forgiveness from the rakyat?

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