The Photo Shoot

2 Weeks ago, I ran a short advertisement looking for 2 photographers to assist with my project. They were Camus and CincauHangus. (Initially, I wanted Teddy but he’s not around)

The Photo Shoot

It was in Nilai. A corporate account that I’m currently in charge of.

We came in on Wednesday. I thought a photography session (half day) could cover the whole facility. I was wrong, it took two days. Yes, it burned an extra hole in my wallet. I had to shove my money up front (claim from company later).

Camus brought 2 cameras, Nikon D700 and Nikon D3 and a caddy (to carry his flashes, lens cover, spare battery etc.), while CincauHangus brought a Canon 350D 30D. It doesn’t matter who brings what, as long as I have my pictures  😀


The other day was on a sunny Friday. The surging hot wave instantly converts fat to sweat. Thank God, we roamed mostly indoors.

It was a phenomenal photo shoot. For the first time ever, I got into a clean room facility. We had to change cloth and wear another layer just to be sure our flakes of skin doesn’t tamper with their research.

I have yet to source the pictures from Camus yet, so I’ll put Friday highlights on hold. I’ll have it up the day after tomorrow.

Camus poked me, Ed the Creative Director. Hah! I don’t even know how to define art, what more a creative director. You can just call me a geek who knows what he wants (by all means)  😉


That includes lying down on a hot-dirty tarmac or do-not-walk-on-grass field. Thanks to Camus (for borrowing his camera), I managed to snap the way I wanted.

Overall, I am satisfied. The work, the sweat, the photographers, most importantly, the experience! Well done guys!

ps: Now to transfer the money to fellow photographers 😥

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