The New Tradition

Weddings aren’t actually new, except my same-age cousin managed to triumph before us (all 3 cousins). In years before, we were touted as “Batch Tak Laku“, such mean words uttered from our elderly, what to do, Penangites (usually loud mouth). Now that Adam has broken the spell, it puts me on the lime light, “Bile Lagi?

I was back in my home town for the parade to help with the preparations. It was busy and chaotic as usual despite the collective efforts several weddings in years before.

My younger bro arrived from Germany on the same day and drove all the way up North with his wife. I was anxiously waiting for his DSLR. Nonetheless, I’m glad he’s back but I find lots of gap between us. Well, it doesn’t really matter, the fact that he’s back is already good enough for me. Talk about missing a brother eh?

So, for your pleasure, some of the PROOF that I was in Penang.

Eh, Monyet la!
Awak cube tgk sane, ade monyet kat pokok tu!

The Wedding Cover Mag
Bile cahaya keimanan cukup, cukup lah cahaya utk camera 😉

The Photoset
I thought I was the only crazy guy to lay around and snap photos.

Under the Bridge
Under the hanging bridge. Wish they were amoi-s in mini skirts (just kidding ok!)

When asked why this photo, I replied, “In KL, we don’t get bullshit in this form”.

The Brother
Of course, everyone worked really hard to ensure the successfulness of the event. But I personally think this cousin of mine threw a monstrous effort in keeping the spirit alive.

Checking for SMS
No, I wasn’t waiting for a reply from.. *ehem ehem* I was replying CNY wishes.

I hope this warrants all the talks about me not wanting to meet them during Chinese New Year. To all my Chinese friends, Selamat Tahun Baru Cina, semoga manyak Ong ini tahun 🙂

ps: Please stop about this comment of me not having a heart to love. I went through numerous break down last decade, so for once, Shut the F Up and just be happy for me. Ok?

pss: Some other pictures from my flickr gallery.


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  1. “Bile cahaya keimanan cukup, cukup lah cahaya utk camera”

    bro.. caption ni memang xboleh bela siot! =D

  2. sape la yang attack ko pasal ‘heart-heart’ ni. hish hish hish. siyan ko. 😀

  3. LOL

    betul eh KL takde bullshit in that form?

    i wonder did you answer soalan cepu mas tu guna cliche line macam hari tu punye? XD

  4. nice bro..
    like the chorus of one of the Nickelback’s song,
    “there gotta be somebody for me out there..”

    let’s hope for the best for ourselves.. 😉

  5. hehehe… you already know what i’m thinking.

    sabor jer lah. dah balik malaysia ke? eh.. dah balik KL ker?

  6. Hahaha. I laid low, no soalan cepu mas 😛

    Bull shit ade pon sekali setahun, mase raya korban.

  7. alahai, frustnya
    melepas i
    u dah ada ehem ehem yaa??

  8. Ehem ehem je baru, belum bini.

  9. kekekekeke.. i think even after dah ada bini, u’ll say “belum empat lagi”..

    ahahahahaa.. ape2 pun wish she is the best 4 u, bro! hehe ^_^

  10. eh, kau nampak makin muda pula, aku tengok.

  11. I personally like the shit picture. Epic, dude!

  12. nice snap. Even for that shit photos..

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