The New Gullible Guy

There’s a new guy in my department. Let’s call him K.

K came from a prestigious local university, his area of expertise has nothing to do with IT. Somehow he picks up things pretty fast. K is gullible. I mean very gullible.

Before our trip to Genting, we told him the company isn’t going to pay for the paintball. So we need to upfront our money, RM 170 a piece. At that time, he has yet to receive his first pay check. He was already savings here and there to fork out the money. In the end, out of guilt, I broke the news to him. It was one hell of a good laugh.

Anything that has to do with money, we’d lie to him.

Company badminton night, S told him if you want to join the club, you have to pay RM70. In actuality, he only needs to fork out RM7 per session.

I know, S and me are really bad example to K. We lied not for laughing stock, but believed that there must a fun factor that motivates the team. Lucky for him, I no longer do pranks. He probably resign or report to HR and get my ass kicked.

My word of wisdom to K, just pay up when people ask for money.


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