The New Big Boy’s Toy – Canon 60D

For years I’ve been contemplating on a dSLR, I finally got one last Friday and it’s the Canon 60D.

Before I jump to the next inline, let me reiterate my photography background. I had Pentax SLR back in the 90’s and have never bought a digital camera, never. I’ve experienced (shot at least 50 photos) using Sony A300, Sony A700, Canon 450D, Nikon D5000, Nikon D90, Nikon D700 and Nikon D3. And I did one wedding photoshoot (it was tiring as hell).

Initially, I was planning on getting the Sony A55 SLT. But when I held it, it feels cheap and too small for my hands (my hand isn’t huge). To sum up, it feels a bit girly and awkward (the viewfinder is LCD not optical like normal dSLR). The video feature caught most of my intention and it costs, RM 2,400.

I didn’t want to settle for Sony A55, so I moved to Canon 550D. It was highly rated in dpreview, however it was still considered a beginners dSLR (Canon’s market target). I don’t want to outgrow my camera easily as the buttons, weight and overall feels simplified. Truly for beginners or upgrading from Point and Shoot.

The comes the Canon 60D. It was out of budget at RM 3,300, but somehow I can learn to close an eye for the piece of Japanese machinery.

Just to bore some of you, it’s 18.0 megapixels, APC-S sensor (pretty standard), full HD video, 5.3 frame per second shoot and 3 inch screen. What drew me closer to Canon was 3 factors.

  1. My younger brother has sets of Canon lens and flash
  2. I wanted a mid-range camera, not intention to outgrow the camera
  3. If I buy lenses (or accessories), I can share with AR

At the moment I’m not too sure whether I’d venture in part time photography. I know it’s fun but can also be very tiring, weekdays full time, weekend part time. I’m sure it’ll pay handsomely.

Hopefully, the next time you open this blog, it’ll be bursting in colors.

ps: Still halfway through the Taman Negara post. Maybe Wednesday.

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