The New Big Boy’s Toy – Canon 60D

For years I’ve been contemplating on a dSLR, I finally got one last Friday and it’s the Canon 60D.

Before I jump to the next inline, let me reiterate my photography background. I had Pentax SLR back in the 90’s and have never bought a digital camera, never. I’ve experienced (shot at least 50 photos) using Sony A300, Sony A700, Canon 450D, Nikon D5000, Nikon D90, Nikon D700 and Nikon D3. And I did one wedding photoshoot (it was tiring as hell).

Initially, I was planning on getting the Sony A55 SLT. But when I held it, it feels cheap and too small for my hands (my hand isn’t huge). To sum up, it feels a bit girly and awkward (the viewfinder is LCD not optical like normal dSLR). The video feature caught most of my intention and it costs, RM 2,400.

I didn’t want to settle for Sony A55, so I moved to Canon 550D. It was highly rated in dpreview, however it was still considered a beginners dSLR (Canon’s market target). I don’t want to outgrow my camera easily as the buttons, weight and overall feels simplified. Truly for beginners or upgrading from Point and Shoot.

The New Big Boy's Toy - Canon 60D

The comes the Canon 60D. It was out of budget at RM 3,300, but somehow I can learn to close an eye for the piece of Japanese machinery.

Just to bore some of you, it’s 18.0 megapixels, APC-S sensor (pretty standard), full HD video, 5.3 frame per second shoot and 3 inch screen. What drew me closer to Canon was 3 factors.

  1. My younger brother has sets of Canon lens and flash
  2. I wanted a mid-range camera, not intention to outgrow the camera
  3. If I buy lenses (or accessories), I can share with AR

At the moment I’m not too sure whether I’d venture in part time photography. I know it’s fun but can also be very tiring, weekdays full time, weekend part time. I’m sure it’ll pay handsomely.

Hopefully, the next time you open this blog, it’ll be bursting in colors.

ps: Still halfway through the Taman Negara post. Maybe Wednesday.


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  1. wadekfishhhh…. dah hangkat sejibik??? tak tunggu aku pon ye…

    p/s: berapa reger bro?

  2. nanti boleh ambek photo hunting sesama 🙂

  3. you learned how to close ur eyes on the price tag from me! hehe :p

    anyway I’m glad u have ur own camera. now u can snap pics of your camwhore gf. HAHAHA! 😀

  4. Ini lah yang diangkat akhirnya….

  5. Hahaha! Sure bole camwhore. Tp I pon nak masuk gak gambar!

  6. Aritu nak angkat lain bang. Jadinye lain. Hehehe

  7. masuk je la. apa susah. hahaha :p

  8. tapi nanti jd cam kat klcc tu. takde pun gambar kita dua. so sad. 🙁

  9. We can try, but berat gilos camera tu, 775g. Belum accessories lain. I guess kene timer la kot.

  10. nice..
    18MP.. for me, that’s one thing that I surely will brag about with my friends.. (lol)

    can’t wait to see more colors in this blog~

  11. Hahaha. 18mpx pon I only use M setting (9mpx)

  12. nice..another member of team canon! hoyeh! :0 broga hill jom??!

  13. No hal bro. I heard congratulations is in order? Slambe tak bagi tau aku.. demmit. Ni nak buat gempak mcm yam la ni. Tup tap tetibe kawen

  14. EOS 60D? pergh, bilalah nak merasa ada dslr sendiri ni. asyik duk pegang org punya jerk. lepas ni aku nak merasa ko punya plak eddie…boleh?

  15. Oh yeah came by your blog from Mytechnews 🙂

    Hey you made the right choice … you wont go wrong with either Nikon or Canon nowadays and since your brother has lens for you to try and get “poisoned” … Yeah Canon 60D will last you for a long time ….. a nice upgrade will be the Canon 7D or the 5D full frame next time. As you know … there are always new gadgets for the big boys 😛

    I was using a Canon 350D for about 3 years and finally jumped boat to Nikon D90 and I love it 🙂

    Happy shooting bro.

  16. waaaaaaaaa…. apsal ramai blogger2 beli dslr nie, aritue saffawati, skang nie ko.. haha.. marathon ke apa? hehe, check blog aku, aku pon ade tayang gak camera baru aku.. NEX5

  17. Bole, tade hal. Tak pe, camera DSLR ni pon bukan barang keperluan. Tak yah ade pon takpe.

  18. Welcome to the dark side. Hahaha.

    I did consider D90 as I stated in my post, but it was too old specs. 12mpx, too little for now.

  19. Mahal siot NEX5 tu. Tp function die power la.

  20. As long it meets your needs bro…coz next they will introduce 20 megapixels and it will keep going up. We can never keep up with technology 😛 That is why I sometimes wish that I have an endless supply of cash to buy all the gadgets that I want. So far I am happy with 12 megapixels … a good size for me at the moment.

    Actually if the Canon 60D came out earlier I would have bought it 🙂

    Cheers …. more photos please 🙂

  21. with 18 mpx, you can print size of A2 without losing quality. which is something that I want. If they introduce 20mpx, it doesnt support A1 size. Anyway, that’s whole idea, dlsr for large printing 🙂

  22. How about Sony alpha? Is this good enough to compare with this one?

  23. Sony Alpha mane satu? I’ve used A700 before and seriously bro, STEAM gilos!

  24. Secara ringkasnya, between canon & sony.. Aku pun sedang mengusha dslr ni. Sony dsc-h9 nampaknya tidak dapat memenuhi keperluan nafsu aku. Haha.

  25. Better angkat DSLR, or at least something yg bole upgrade satu2. Rugi kalau beli fixed lens.

  26. Any suggestion of brand & model?

  27. how much are you willing to spend? Sony, Nikon or Canon. Can’t go wrong with any of these three.

  28. 10k maximum and i prefer sony the most but still open for any other brand suggestion. ;p

  29. 10k? Woot! If you really like Sony, there’s only a few you can choose. A850 – RM 8k. A700 – 2.7k (a bit old), A55 – RM2.8k (like kanak2)

    But with your budget, I think I’ll go for Canon 60D + Tamron SP90 + any 12-24mm lens + any 70-200mm + Speed light. Hahah.

    Just wait for D7000 if you can. I think that one is pretty awesome.

    Key rule of buying a camera, BUY WHAT YOU LIKE.

  30. The KEY RULE tu la that makes me buy DHC-H9 (and not satisfying enough). Hm.. I think I should be listening to what reviews said. In this case, people like you, AR and Sue Anna Joe (she’s my friend after all) said. Thanks Ed. I think I know what I want now.

    *i’ll wait for d7000

  31. D7000 mmg best. Unfortunately, my bro is a Canon maniac. It’ll be a burden if I have to buy all the accessories myself.

  32. haha, bukan barang keperluan yerk. aku teringin gak nak merasa ada DSLR sendiri ni….asyik duk pegang org punya jerk…

  33. This gadget is pretty good man, compared with a similar type. Congrat ….

  34. Agree, A580 is a good if not great!

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