The MSC Pre Seed Stage 2, Presentation

In my previous post, I mentioned that I have a presentation for the MSC Pre Seed Program.

The outcome was bad. I can safely say that we’re only 30% qualified for it, probably lower, considering the way they ganged on us.

I started my presentation as soon as the time keeper said go. We were only given 10 MINUTES to present everything. Our idea was big, an advertisement network like Google Ads + NuffNang and many likes of it. Throughout our presentation, these evaluators rarely looked me in the eye. It must be a dreadful day for them to sit and listen to others, but it was hell to me, I needed their attention more than anything else. 10 minutes je pon susah sgt ke?

The guy kept asking about our business model. (If you listen closely to what I presented, you know what I mean). Being the kinder me, I went through the same thing over. Listen lah, susah sgt ke?

I’m lost on the first page. I don’t expect this from MSC. NuffNang’s Timothy appeared twice in TechCentral (TheStar), once in Asiaweek and once in Times. Do they even read these articles? Do they even read blogs? Do they see the NuffNang or GoogleAds logo on almost every blog in Malaysia? Sila banyakkan membaca.

What is so compelling about your site? What makes you think you can attract people like me? Look, I said its for ADVERTISERS and WEB PUBLISHER, not for some lost web tourist. I’ve also mentioned in my SALES & MARKETING PLAN how to convert a client and attract a publisher.

If advertiser wants to get some ad space, they could use TheStar online. That is by far the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. What more, from MSC. First, TheStar advertisement is expensive and ONLY on one site. Whereas on our network, your ads will appear on many site. Of course I didn’t have the chance to explain that, that guy kept interrupting me.

If I were an advertiser, I should just contact the site owner and not you. Hello? Do you buy your fish from the fisherman or the supermarket? Please, do some thinking before stating anything.

You should actually pitch this idea to other businesses before hand. Dude, it’s called PRE-SEED, in Malay menyemai benih. Which in layman terms, PLANNING STAGE. You should’ve called it SEEDING Program if you want me to pitch before I engage with MSC.

I don’t foresee this to be a formidable and feasible business. Yeah, $51 Billion was spent in year 2007 globally, $37 Billion was spent in the first half of ’08, how do you not see this as a formidable business? Even if I were to capture, 0.0001% of that market share, isn’t that a huge cake (roughly $510k)?

I could just hire an SEO expert to raise my Google PageRank. Do you even know what GPR, Alexa Ranking, Technorati rank is? I don’t expect any layman to understand this, but MSC should. Negligence is the essence of vanity!

We like young entrepreneur, but you are too optimistic. You’re basically telling us off right? It’s ok. I see this as a challenge in life. It’ll be dreadful to be in your shoes, mid 30’s, holding on to your first job, less imaginative, less business sense, don’t really read, having problems to think before asking and lack of Vitamin B Complex (to help concentrate and focus). I’ll stick to being optimistic.

I did ask others of their project, mainly knowledge portals (wikipedia), Social Networking (facebook), SMS Gateways (Vierling), Online Press (Online news paper?), Tracking Device (GPS like?) and some electronic measuring tools. Oh well, good luck to you guys.

I would like to thank Iwani for her hints, it was helpful to know these nerds know nuts about web technology.

MSC people, if you came across this entry, I’d suggest to subscribe TechCrunch, eMarketer and CNET business. Also read TechCentral and other business magazines. PC Magazine doesn’t cut it anymore.

ps : I don’t care what you want to leave on my comment, just don’t be fucking rude.

pss : MSC people, seriously get the right people to be your evaluators. Presently, less imaginative. I don’t need people to gang-banged me, I just want them to listen and make the right call. Comments are unnecessary and should be refrained at all cost. 10 minutes is not enough to tell anything.

psss : I’ve edited this 3-4 times to lessen the negative energy. It’s now down to 20%, previously 98%… terkangkang and super offended la if MSC bace.

pssss : It’s been a while since I expressed my business POV.

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