The Market is Going to Crash, 9 February 2009

I’m sick of Perak, let’s look at the bigger picture.

Hold on to your nerves a week on Monday. Apparently the stockmarket is going to crash on 9 February. Or so says somebody called Reinhardt who thinks the financial world is all tied up with a Catholic group of business leaders called Legatus.

Sounds a bit dubious? Indeed. But Reinhardt has form. In a Google Finance posting in July, he predicted that “negative news” would cause a collapse in stocks on September 15. Stunned by the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, the Dow Jones Industrial Average duly slumped by 504 points that day in its biggest points decline for seven years.

Ok, so it doesn’t have any impact on you. Same here. But let’s see whether this ‘modern-messiah’ is right or just a bad Monday morning joke.

On other note, Adriana will arrive tomorrow. I’m so excited, I couldn’t get any sleep (not that I really sleep anyway).

ps: Happy Thaipusam. Does “Thailand” comes from the celebration, answer; no.

pss: Adriana Batrisha is my baby niece (3 months old), who’d reply no matter what ground I talked about. And she likes sleeping on my lap.


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  1. adriana batrisha (god help i get the spelling right) the wrestler you mean?
    cubit pipi from me 🙂

  2. Ini berita baik untuk saya. Rubles akan semakin jatuh. Masa untuk keluarkan beribu-ribu duit! Sungguh bersyukur! 😀

  3. “And she likes sleeping on my lap.”

    Eddie, snap gambar masa dia tengah tidur kat lap pak ngah dia boleh? 😆

  4. so far i did not get much affected, but want to job hop also scare.

  5. Ekonomi punya hal company aku pun nak down size, termasuk aku.

    ps;harap2 tak kena ler

  6. i was about to squint when i saw the name ADRIANA hehehe.. rhymes with u know who.. 😛

  7. I thought Adriana Lima.. excited sekejap aku ➡ This messiah thingy.. hmm. Heard of that 2012 thing?

  8. it really freak us all out! Its time to kick-ass!

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