The Malaysian Football Dream, Wan Kuzain

I’m supposed to be on hiatus, but wth..

While I was playing my Football Manager 2009, I browsed through my Google Reader and read Rasyan’s post, ‘Wonderkid‘. I was a bit curious, but I played the video anyway.


I thought it’d be some perasan posting on Youtube. I was wrong! I watched it 3 times. Wan Kuzain had my jaw on the floor. Pure inspirational!

He’s constantly whipping and lashing the mat sallehs. No kid could steal the ball, let alone bring him down. His witty moves and slick skills somewhat resembles Ronaldinho. I don’t know any of my closes friends could match that talent.

We’ve all seen how prodigy stumbles, I hope he’s not one of them.

Till then, good luck Wan Kuzain! Make us proud!

ps: Back on Hiatus 😛

pss: If you like this post, be sure to watch Madin Mohammed, 6 year old, so short and cute but vital.

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