The Long Exhaustive List

People come and go. So do blogs.


I noticed the list isn’t updated. Some blog died, some unattended, some privatized and others, still proving me wrong. Good job.

Anyway, if you want to be on that list, feel free to leave a comment. But be sure to have my link up on yours. Okay?

ps: I guess I am starting that Advertising company afterall.

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17 thoughts on “The Long Exhaustive List”

  1. bg noobie like me…. (noob+newbie…)
    of course la nk listed dlm list tu…
    br sebulan berjinak dlm dunia blog ni…
    byk ilmu perlu belajar…

  2. my link not die but now i am using a new link.. fell free to update the new one.. anyway.. thanks for the link.. :up: :up:

  3. awak sudah link saye… tp blog saye mengarut2 saje.

    btw, thanks sbb link saye

    P/s: tp awak tulis blog title salah…

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