The Kebab Story

One fine evening after the training that we went with Aisyah and her dad, her dad broke out that he wanted to start a Kebab Joint after seeing many poor attempt at the cuisine.

We started brainstorming strategies. My father in law is the chairman, Aisyah the operations and I’m just an extra hand. Everyone had a role to play. From the kebab burners, meat and bread suppliers, stall location, branding, marketing, pricing and a lot more. Every time the 3 of us got together, we started brainstorming about our Kebab. Our past few weeks has always been about kebab.

Our kebab will change the fate of all kebabs in Malaysia. Why do I say so? It’s a Quarter Pounder Kebab! That’s about 113 gram of juicy succulent meat. At the moment, we are still formulating the ingredient for our kebab.

InsyaAllah by God’s willing, our soft launch will be this weekend. You can come to AEON Bukit Rimau (next to Kota Kemuning), just take KESAS highway to Port Klang, you’ll eventually see the exit to Bukit Rimau.

See you there 😉


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  1. I used to work at kebab shop in Oz. Someday I’ll drop by your shop when I’m around. Still searching for the best kebab in here.

    All the best with your family business too bro.

  2. Thank you bro.

    Still not the best I’ve tasted, but we are trying hard to improve our recipe. It’s not really getting where we want.

  3. Alamak , Kebab!!

    Aku ada nak jumpa satu klien ni kat Bukit Rimau, kalau aku sempat, insya Allah aku singgah. (tak set lagi date dengan klien ni)

    Semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan, NH dan Aisyah.

  4. Alamak? Hahaha.

    InsyaAllah ada. PM la awal2. Takut abis je. Hehehe

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