The Jagung Story

I have a long exhausting to-do list, but I’ll blog for your sake 😉

It was hot weekend in circa 1997. I was lying on the lower bunker bed, burying my face on Dragon Ball comic. An annoying voice struck the air, “Jagung bakar, lapan posen, Isnin dapat” as he enters the dorm.


I promptly got out of bed and made my name on the list.

Being boys, we’re always hungry. Plus jagung bakar was never on Kuala Kangsar’s menu. A chance like this is hardly a miss.

As Monday school ends, I rushed to find M, the Jagung seller. “Jagung aku mane?”, I asked. M replied, “Lepas games hour (6.30pm)”.

Bro, jagung aku mane?”. M replied, “Lepas prep malam (11.00pm)”.

As night falls and reading Dragon Ball for the 17th time, I went searching for M. I really want that jagung.

Jagung?” the question gets shorter, so was my temper. It continued for a few days, and M would give another time or day.

One day, M announced that his supplier couldn’t deliver and monies were being refunded. Somehow, I never got mine. I am very certain, I wasn’t the only victim. Not to be stingy, but those days, 80 sen could really fill ones tummy.

From that day onwards, when ever I crossed path with M, the common ice breaking would either be, “Jagung?” or “Duit jagung?” (on or off MCKK). Even the ones who never ordered used the line.

Up till today, whenever we mentioned M, the thought of juicy butter soaked grill corn came to mind and how depressing it felt. ‘Jagung‘ is now commonly associated with the term Judas, the one who bails out on plans. Fong Fey Kei (FFK) in Cantonese.

M is now a happily married (his invitation was never extended to us, fear of jagung) and a doctor for Ministry of Defense.

Despite his happy ending, I still want my jagung.

ps: This took 2 hours! Gosh, back to work Ed!

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