The Idiocy in Quoting People

I was talking to a friend on one fine day over morning teh tarik, suddenly the boy next to me decides to jump and shout, lu pikir sendiri!

That’s coming from Nabil and that’s just plain stupid and rude.

First, who is Nabil? A comedian. What is his qualification? No idea. What is his achievement? Raja Lawak. What is he to the community? Source of entertainment.

Second, why use such a lowly quote? Is it entertaining? Is it fun? Is it catchy? Well, to some extend, it is. Personally it only signifies the inability to be original. If you’re not original, what’s the point of living?

Third, why not use other quotes? I guess it’s mainly not fun and catchy. But think about it, what do you want to portray yourself as? Someone intelligent? Someone funny? Someone that everyone likes? Pious?

Say for example, you engaged into a heated intellectual debate, and you ended your discussion with, ‘lu pikir sendiri’. Where does that leave you? Right, no where and intellectually lower.

So the next time you decide to talk or write, think carefully. A famous Dalai Lama quote, “We are what we think. With our thoughts, we make the world”

ps: I’m not just focusing on Nabil’s but every other that sounds stupid/rude.

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