The How To’s of NH Logo


A little bit about logo, including fonts used. Feel free to skip.

This was made using Adobe Photoshop Lite CS3. Which I have yet to get a license for it. (I have CS2’s license)

The writing of “NoktahHitam” was made using Bleeding Cowboy and the wing using ‘(‘ and ‘)’ characters in El&font Gothic. You can get it from It’s too bad I didn’t video-screened the process. The process took 30 minutes. Yes I’m slow.

The idea behind the wing… blurghhh why am I explaining this to you? I should be kicking some ass is to appear wicked and angelic at the same time. That’s about it.

Black, red and silver is my favorite combination color.

Bahh!@#$%^&* what ever je la.


I am web developer, who's main concern is to save the trees. Nonetheless

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  1. tak siap tules ade orang comment?

  2. salah picit 😛

    takpe laa considered done, malas nak cite byk sgt pon 😮

  3. haha..apeda..picit??
    tekan la..

    salah tekan ..

  4. wow! chantq gila logo tuh. erk! 🙂 hebat². :bb

    helmie.’s last blog post..Oh! Serabut.

  5. thanks. ko pon ape kurang nye

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