The Hiccup Story


I have a terrible sickness, hiccup. When it reigns upon me, it’ll last for a week (minimum). But that alone couldn’t stop me from working.

Today, I had a meeting with my client at Nilai. It’s an hour drive from my house. I made a quick pit stop for a mineral water, in hope that it’ll subside, provided I drank a lot of water. Unfortunately, no.

NoktahHitam: For this project *hick*, I recommend that *hick* we develop…
Client I: Sure.

At this point I’m sure the whole meeting room was giggling at my sudden gesture. F it. Thank God there wasn’t much to explain and my pen wasn’t working. So I sat there and paid extra attention to every detail they laid.

Hiccup bothers me a lot. I need a steady hand to draw something on photoshop. It also dents my effort to brainstorm on my projects. Even worst, it hurts (my diaphragm or ulu hati).

I’ve tried everything, hold my breath while drinking, scare myself on Youtube, I even did the hand stand (up side down position). But it won’t go away. I guess I have to live with it.

An old saying, ‘you’re growing when you have hiccups’. I hope ‘that part’ gets the end of the straw. *fingers crossed, haha*

ps: quoted from someone, I look like small boy when I have hiccups. Think again, I may have the following health problem   ➡

What causes hiccups that just won’t go away?
anesthesia – asthma – cancer – fear – fever – foreign body in the ear glaucoma – heart attack – hernia – hysteria – infection – kidney failure meningitis – multiple sclerosis – personality disorders – pharyngitis sedatives – shock – stroke – trauma   😯

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