The Goods About Harga Minyak Naik

I’m sure many of you are disgusted with Pak Lah’s decision to reduce the subsidy of petrol, DRASTICALLY. I, myself was brought to my bottom with the contradiction of statements by the Ministers.

Anyhow, let’s get on with our topic.

Going green. With the recent fuel hike, many will opt for public transport. With lesser carbon burnt, mother nature can finally wipe that cold sweat off her head. Hopefully we can minimize global warming.

Strengthen relationship. Many will car pool to work, hence introduces more conversation and bridging that gap between neighbors and co-workers.

Petrol alternatives. Researchers will now focus on cheaper alternatives. Be it hybrid cars, solar, hydrogen, cooking oil, bio-fuel. I believe this technology is readily available, all that is left is to refine and implement.

More civilized drivers. Not only we’ll think twice, but thrice to floor that needle to unnecessary speed. Hence introducing well-mannered drivers.

Differentiating necessities. You’ll no longer buy Famous Amos when Chipsmore would be enough to feed that hasty appetite. Or upgrade your phone when you know you only need it to make calls or text somebody.

Lesser outings. No more short trips to 7 Eleven in the middle of the night for some booze. And feel obligated to go out for the sake of sharing your 2 cents with your buddies.

Higher grades. Although this maybe a dispute, but students will start mulling their materials since mommy and daddy did not increase their allowance to compensate fuel hikes. Ok, maybe a little increase (for food). They will also study hard so they can earn bigger bucks and put an end to poverty.

Birth to Modesty. No more additional serving. No more obesity. No more thoughtless waste. No more ill-mannered drivers. No more big cars. No more engine upgrades. No more silver linings on birthday cakes. Less is more.

Healthier Citizens. Since many opt for public transport, we’ll do more walking than usual. Some of us might even cycle to work. (I’ll jog to office if my knees permits me).

No matter what, we just have to embrace the fact that our PM is killing us softly with his song. Whether you like it or not, this social obligation is already forced upon us. All that is left for us is to think and spend wisely.

ps : In all honesty, I too, felt the financial pressure (I can only do 160km what usually is 200km for RM50). What more the lower income group? *Sigh*

pss : The Cons About Harga Minyak Naik will be on Monday, till then, have a jolly weekend. (Spend time with your loved ones at home)

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