The Fave Blogs

It’s been a while since I wrote something from my heart instead of the head. It sure brings back memories of my hard headed-ness, the lonesome feeling and unbounded by these four walls. Nowadays, I had to literally brain-to-mouth filter before I click ‘Publish’. Yes, we were young and free.

Back to the point, I have two favorite blogs I love most. They talked so openly about they’re emotions, reading it feels like a best seller from non sci-fi section. They are;

Seriously, I missed those two. During my busiest hour, I’d put a star and come back to read thoroughly. I love the flow of language and the dynamic story telling pace. It’s as if they sat right across the table, spilling beans all over the place.

The new breed of blogger lacks these skills. Mostly write for money and busy creating a ‘brand name’, with me included (heads down), ashamed of course. Not that I hate them, but they constantly reminded me that I had to swim with other fishes in the stream, else left behind. Keeping update has finally taken a toll on this 28 year old boy. I can hardly keep up the pace they are revving at.

I just want to sit back, let my hair loose with both feet hanging at the edge of a bridge. Feel the wind touching my face and rethinking about things that needs my fond attention.

I guess I’m just old fashioned.

ps: ZA and CDO to please don’t stop writing. People like you makes me feel normal.

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