The Expensive Italian Under Garment

This post is for adults or anyone who gets wedgies.

Recently I bought this Italian under wear. It was 50% off, plus I needed a few new pairs. But the problem with undies is you can’t go to the fitting room and try it on beforehand.

Because it was a steal (not a bargain), I bought it with an eye closed.

A few weeks gone by, it has been a few rotations already. But still I get wedgies. In fact, the only undies that gives me wedgies is the Italian one. Getting up from the chair, wedgie. Sitting down, wedgie. Ruku’, I get wedgie. Walk fast, wedgie. Move sideways, wedgie. Swinging a golf club, wedgie. Too much wedgies!

I have a feeling that Italian loves wedgies.

Speaking of undies, there’s one particular brand that I used to wear when I was in boarding school. Because I was irresponsible and kept losing it, I bought the cheapest on the line, RM10 for 3. It goes by the name of “Teko”.

Now, do me a favour, say “Teko” ten times as quickly as you can.

ps: What a cool name for underwear 😛

pss: A wedgie occurs when a person’s underwear or other garments are wedged between the buttocks wikipedia


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  1. I was just about to ask what a wedgie is, thanks for the enlightenment.

    Anyway. I still bought RM10-for-3 boxers. Ops.

  2. bontot makin besar kut.


  3. I swear I laughed so hard at this entry. And even harder when you asked me to repeat “Teko” many times. It took me around 15 seconds to get it – I know I’m slow, but once I got the joke I was so cracked up I couldn’t even breathe properly xD

  4. Aku suke potato wedges .. hehe

  5. Italians wear strings. Hahaha….

  6. Apa? Pakai tekong punya underwear?


  7. that is why most of my undies are sexy skimpy tight boxer shorts.

    no wedgie-wedgie anymore.


  8. I brought expensive underwear during my first week in koleq and they got stolen. I moved to boxers and rugby shorts since then.

  9. hoho, boxerr la wei,, ader ventilation sket kat ‘adik’ tue.. hohoho

  10. gosh. hate that wedgie. now feel comfortable with boxers. haha! *wink2*

    i’d done the “Teko” thing too. wahah *fresh*

  11. With boxers, I get more wedgier. And most of the time, dislocates my “manhood”. Hahha

  12. Seluar aku tight fitting, kalau pakai boxers, confirm berpeluh.

  13. I still prefer underwear, makes me feel safe 🙂

  14. Ahh.. I know that type. I should give that a try.

  15. Top and bottom? I don’t know if its inappropriate, but I like 🙂

  16. LOL! The minute I saw that brand, I laughed my ass off. But that didn’t stop me from buying.

  17. SEDUT. Bontot kecik ke besar, same je, mesti KEMUT 😛

  18. I still too, only if it’s 50% off 😛

    But I’m guessing you have to find yours at the Kid’s Department? 😛 HAHAHA

  19. should try trunk instead kalau dh suke nk sedut.nk wat camne..baik comando je all the way..hehe

  20. Comando susah, nanti die wiggle kiri and kanan.

  21. Yeah, both.

    Me too, hahaha.

  22. Err, yeah…Strictly NOT for guys.

  23. Thank god superman is not italian bro. Hehe.

  24. HAHAHA good one!

  25. beb… RENOMA beb… hahah feelsss so aahhh~ like someone is always grab, hold and cares your *tuttt*… sorry for that.. but seriesly RENOMA is much confident for me.

    Beside RENOMA baru ni patern dia SO SEXYYY.. owh so hottt hoyeaaahh~

  26. California, yeah! Does it ring a bell to you?

    I abandoned spentot wearing ages ago. Boxers entitled me freedom of expression, and less parking mishaps. Freedom!

  27. Wedgie tu tersepit kan kan kan? :p

  28. ow…sexy!!muahahaha…

  29. kah3..entri camni dah ikut gaya awek deme ek? haha.. bro cuber try pki g string…haha..tak tersepit koyok rabok teruih!… =p

  30. wahahahaa… nasib baik laki tak banyak pakai macam tu..

  31. lama tak kemari, bZ skit

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