The ER-6N Story

When I was young my uncle stayed with us. I never liked reading story books, to me those are fantasies,  fairies and might I say, a bit sissy. I don’t remember any of Enid Blyton stories though I’ve read them a couple of times (but I do read comics/mangas). I was raised as a realist. The only reading material was my uncles’, and young men likes sports bike and car. They were like ecstasy.

I guess that somewhat influenced my childhood.

As I grew older, the passion for bikes and sports car got diluted. I started thinking about the risks, financing, weather, it’s practicality and all other bull shit excuses. Soon my boyhood dreams slipped through my fingers. Everything needs to be logical. Dreams are just dreams, what’s important is the ‘now and future’. I became an adult, I am responsible for my own actions.

When I got married, I realized, life is not about going to work 9 to 5, make kids, walk them down the aisle and be an angry old man. Some things got to change. I needed a game changer. The sort of things that’s awesome, fulfilling and out of my league. I needed a bike. Although I’ve talked about it many times, I never had the guts to pursue it.

Until one day, I told myself the thinking has to stop. That lunch, I went directly to the bank and asked for a loan. A couple of visits to the bike shop and I got myself the bike on June 1st, 2012.

A few sweaty and choking ride, I asked myself, what have you gotten yourself into?

Whether it’s a problem or solution, it doesn’t matter anymore. I am satisfied and I have fulfilled one of my long wish list. This is it Edwin, this is real. This is your bike and welcome to the biking world.

ps: It’s amazing what length you’d go through when you were a kid to achieve something.


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