The Electrifiying Effect

The other day, eMok wanted to use my toilet, his isn’t working. Apparently, the plug went in the wall.


I pulled my handy tools and showed eMok how to disintegrate the switch. I’m not teaching him the HOW-TOs, just showing the mechanism. Hopefully he’ll grasp a thing or two about industrial design and engineering.

Once I got the plug out, I started explaining the wires and how it functions.

“One thing you have to bear in mind, electricity is dange… “

The room light flickered. TV, PC and Aircond restarted. I was electrocuted.

In great shock, I sent the test pen flying across the room. Clutching my fist to my chest, I saw my veins revealed like never before. I was in great pain. Nothing could explain the tingling sensation.

“Who asked you to poke with metal?” eMok quizzed me. Typical Malay mind, you should be asking, whether I’M OK?! and not condemning when shit happens.

For the record, a high grade test pen will never get you electrocuted.

Lesson Learned,

  1. Do not laugh or blame the victim, instead ask them of their well being.
  2. Call a technician if you can afford one, especially when dealing with electricity.
  3. Always keep an eye on what you’re doing.
  4. Don’t multi-task, no matter how good you think you are.

ps: My hand is still pretty much numb.

pss: Don’t laugh you F’ing maggot.

psss: Don’t tell me, “I told you so!”


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  1. omg are u okay? besides the numb hand…

  2. Skali lagi, blog ni hampir kehilangan tuannya.. aritu drive laju2.. heee..

    well, agaknya, kalau ko perempuan, rasanya baru dia tanye ” are u ok?” …

  3. whoah!hopefully you’re ok by now.careful next time.

  4. Will definitely call someone to do that. I wont be designing anything if I lost a hand.

  5. Oh yeah, dari dulu lagi aku bawak laju nak mampus, membelah keheningan malam.

    Aku accident pon sebab orang sodok aku atau parking langgar tembok.

  6. hi abang itteww.. bahaya teww

  7. Itulah… 😀 😀

    I was electrocuted before.. But, I think I enjoyed the numbing sensation after that. Haha! I once watched a clip where this guy electrocuted his balls. Really! That’s how we get the word ‘numbnuts’, I guess.

    ps: electricuted.. 😉

  8. allahu akbar! harapan aku kau ok. agaknya berapa tinggi renjatan tersebut huhu.

    aku dah pernah kena sekali. aku dah tak berani nak cuit benda-benda terutama yang melibatkan elektrik.

    kadang-kadang kita rasa kita boleh lakukan sesuatu berdasarkan logikal dan pengetahuan am, tapi malangnya jika ia berlaku di luar jangkaan.

    ps: no wonder la electricuted!

  9. Parking langgar tembok? Masuk parking laju2 ke? gila lah~~

  10. hmm…
    aku pernah kena tak ek?! tak leh nak recall ler… huhuhu… ❗
    rase cam pernah kena…. tapi tak leh nak ingat “the tingling sensation” tuh lah… huhu 🙄
    anyway, try to get a better (test pen) tools next time.
    😎 :up:

  11. Aku kena renjatan gak, tp nasib baik x teruk mcm ko kena.. bukan kita x nak call someone, tp kdg2 kita rasa bende tu mcm senang je bole buat…

    Anyway, good thing u r ok…

  12. i felt i wanted to laugh but it seems so rude of me and furthermore i was electrocuted before.

    It was a socket that didn’t have any cover on it. Something wrong with the fuse, so i try to touch it, my friend say don’t and while i was touching the fuse, my friend pat me on the back. And you know what. we both got electrocuted at the same time.

    hahahaha. After that happen, we both laugh out really loud and the whole house went black out for a moment. hahahaha

  13. hehehe…

    alangkah indahnya kalau ada seorang doktor yang dapat merawat kesan kejutan elektrik itu. huhuhu….

    oh, doktor perempuan maksud aku. huhuhu….

  14. i had once. masa tadika. cabut plug, then kena. aduh. mmg buzz la in 3 second. bingung kepalaku. hehe. anyway, glad to hear that you don’t have to go to hospital. 🙂

  15. my first time i got electrocuted. when i was 5, the tv at my home was semi-broken. we had to use something to poke the power button to turn on/off.

    it was late at night. i was colouring my coloring book. my mum slept while watching tv. i tried to do something nice by trying to turn off the tv for her. i poke the switch with my pencil.

    bzzzz. bzzz.. i got electrocuted. i didnt know what caused it. i didnt even release my hands from the pencil. it was constant. i cried loudly and my mum woked up and pulled me away.


    anyway i used ur name in my latest post. pls check it out incase any mistakes so that i can fix it ASAP

  16. woah…
    menguatkan lagi asbab untuk cari doktor sebagai awek…
    or maybe paramedic kot…

  17. Lesson #4: Don’t multi-task ESPECIALLY if it has anything to do with electricity, driving, knives, or babies. Or anything dangerous for that matter. =P

    Anyway, rambut berdiri tak ?

  18. aku pun kena masa tadika gak.. i think i went n touch a plug with wet fingers.. nasib tak kene electrocuted teruk sgt .. the house tak blackout or anything like that..

    kadang2 bile kite pegang baju orang, things around us pun leh ade mcm some sort of electrocuted (electrostatic kot is the word) nye effect kan.. i hate it when that happens tapi nanti aku nak pegang2 lagi mende tu to experience that ‘shocked’ feeling again

  19. yeah, I think I’m ok for now.

  20. Reverse la, sensor tak detect, terus sodok.

  21. Electricuted, wrong spelling. This firefox plugin suggested electrocuted.

    Numbnuts, I thought people get kicked in balls and felt numb?

  22. Ko belikan lah kalau jumpe. Test biase RM5-RM12. Aku nye RM38, swiss army nye 🙂

  23. doctor tak leh merawat renjatan electric. Kalau voltan melampau, tgn aku dah hangus. Ubat die, potong. Horror siot.

    Sejak bile aku minat doctor lelaki? Oh medea, dalam diam ko suke ek..? Aku bagi tau bini ko.

  24. ko nyer test pen dah good enough dah tuh! but still kena “renjatan” agi…. nak gune yg camner baru boleh tenang jiwa nih?
    hah!!! aku baru teringat… aku selalu kena electrosatic(btol ke ejaan aku nih?!!), and aku sgt tak suke… tak suke x3…
    kena electrocuted…. masih menjadi tanda tanya?!! 😥

  25. Electrocuted is correct. Was referring to your image..

  26. ok…tambah sikit situasi.

    disebabkan renjatan, kau terbaring pengsan dan memerlukan bantuan pernafasan segera.

    dan..dan…ada seorang doktor pompuan di sebelah.


    cait…doktor peribadi aku ni dah cukup bagus.

  27. Oh. Because I thought the correct spelling is with I. So I put in the image there as a reminder to myself.

  28. Mase aku kene pon, test pen berade di tangan lain. Main reason aku kene ‘renjatan’ sebab electric itu melompat di kala aku memegang plastik panel.

  29. Hmm.. ko mmg harapkan bini je ek? Gi amek class first aid! ❗

    Kalau kene renjatan, first sekali ‘bumikan’ mangse. Kalau tak, tak pasal transfer static. Tang CPR tu jarang utk mangse renjatan, selalu hangus atau nadi lemah. Dalam 2-2 case, kalau tade alat, mmg tak leh tolong.

    Ko bayang kan kalau kene CPR mangse yg baru lepas makan petai atau bawang atau baru isap gudang garam. Peehhhhhhhh. Tak bole blah.

    ps: Mintak doctor peribadi ko carikan aku. HAHA 😀

  30. Tak. Rambut berdiri tegak sebab static, bukan electrocuted. Tapi perasan bulu roma gugur. Symptom biase kalau shock.

    Kan best kalau kene electrocuted pastu jadi the Flash. Leh bukak company courier 🙂

  31. aku pun pernah kena masa nak amik toast. aku amik toast tuh pakai pisau besi. haha terus terkejut sekejap. toast yg sedap dah jadik x sedap lepas tuh. haha 👿

  32. aku penah kena~
    kawan aku pun penah nasib dia tak baik..meninggal~electricity kill..wth

  33. Oh, you could still remember that incident? That’s like what, 13-15 years ago?

    Glad there’s no permanent damage.

    Yeah, you got my name right.

  34. Tau tau! ini kalau terkene belang2 oren tu 🙄

  35. V=IR dude…

  36. Hahaha!! OMG, that line “Typical Malay mind” cracked me up so much. Hahaha!

    But awwww…are you okay now? ❓

  37. I got electrocuted too, once. But I thought it was cool at , cause I might get superpower like Blanka of Street Fighter.

  38. Ouch! ❗

    I know how much that must have hurt. I hope that you feel better.

    My dad says that I’m a walking electric conductor; I either get myself electrocuted or get myself static build-up 🙁 Thankfully, no lightning have struck me *touch wood*

  39. This is why I’m scared of LIGHTNING.

  40. I’ll cuddle you, dont worry 😳

  41. company courier? ahah. good idea.

    nak bf vampireeeeee. hahah. tetiba je.

  42. tanak.

    nanti kena current.


  43. Sensor tu bodoh sikit eh.. I think the placing macam.. tak betul.

  44. it reminds me why i did not take electrical engineering in the first place. learn something that you could not see.
    gosh! what a “SHOCKING” news.

  45. ala it’s not a typical Malay minded for not asking about your’s typical Asian minded i believe ;p

  46. hahahahah.. i would be like emok i guess. siapa suruh bijak pandai hahahah… hahah. 😛 typical, pun typical la cus dah terattached dalam diri kot hahahahah 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  47. Lapo sangat eh KNizam.. hahaha 😛 korang ni kelakar la.. hahah

  48. “I told you so!”

    I really really and totally hate this phrase! Really hate it very much. Felt like to smack the mouth those words came out from.

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