The Edward Cullen

I think we’ve already established that I don’t read fiction, period. So this friend of mine, who’s into the Twilight series persuaded me to read the book. She said it’s an eye opener, a must read and mind stimulating.

Her efforts were way off. But that did not dampened her spirit. So she took another approach, she started bribing.

“Sugar coated doughnuts?” – Nope.

“RM50 to finish cover to cover?” – Nope.

“All you can eat sushi?” – Sounds good, but no.

Thornton’s Chocolate?” – (they only sell this in the UK), still no.

“Come on, I’m sure we can work up with some sort of scheme here.” No matter what the temptation was, she could never lure me into reading that book. To me, vampires suck blood, rape and kill, end of story. No lovey dovey in between.

“I’ll call you Edward!”

“HELLLOOO? Thanks but no thanks. My real name is already as good as Edward.”

“Yeah, but you don’t have Cullen as your surname.”

“I like my dad’s name. Makes me feel grounded with my Javanese origin”

“Ok, so you’re a Javanese Vampire?”

Sekejap. Wouldn’t that make me a kuntilanak or pontianak (localized vampires)?”

“EDDIIEEEE! You’re hopeless!”

Thank you.

ps: If you keep feeding these writers, I’m sure one day they’ll come up with a book about Frankensteins, zombies, or any monster… in love.

pss: What’s the point of reading a best seller for 3-4 days if you can watch it in 2 hours? Yeah, don’t waste my time.

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