The Edward Cullen

I think we’ve already established that I don’t read fiction, period. So this friend of mine, who’s into the Twilight series persuaded me to read the book. She said it’s an eye opener, a must read and mind stimulating.

Her efforts were way off. But that did not dampened her spirit. So she took another approach, she started bribing.

“Sugar coated doughnuts?” – Nope.

“RM50 to finish cover to cover?” – Nope.

“All you can eat sushi?” – Sounds good, but no.

Thornton’s Chocolate?” – (they only sell this in the UK), still no.

“Come on, I’m sure we can work up with some sort of scheme here.” No matter what the temptation was, she could never lure me into reading that book. To me, vampires suck blood, rape and kill, end of story. No lovey dovey in between.

“I’ll call you Edward!”

“HELLLOOO? Thanks but no thanks. My real name is already as good as Edward.”

“Yeah, but you don’t have Cullen as your surname.”

“I like my dad’s name. Makes me feel grounded with my Javanese origin”

“Ok, so you’re a Javanese Vampire?”

Sekejap. Wouldn’t that make me a kuntilanak or pontianak (localized vampires)?”

“EDDIIEEEE! You’re hopeless!”

Thank you.

ps: If you keep feeding these writers, I’m sure one day they’ll come up with a book about Frankensteins, zombies, or any monster… in love.

pss: What’s the point of reading a best seller for 3-4 days if you can watch it in 2 hours? Yeah, don’t waste my time.


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goddammit meyer!
she killed off my bram stoker’s dracula!!
vamps supposed to dark bloodied n dangerous!
not glistening under the sun like some..(screaming profanities)

plus edward cullen is a stalker!!!

ok. enuff rage di sini.

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NoktahHitam replied #1

Bram Stoker’s dracula is most awesomess around. (Again, I don’t read fiction), but there was plenty of movies based on Bram’s work.

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lolita quarantasei wrote on December 9, 2009 #1

so this friend of yours x offended ke ?

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NoktahHitam replied #1

She would, maybe. But why should she feel that way? It’s not like I ganged up on her.

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angelicsinner wrote on December 9, 2009 #2

aku jealous ngan edward cullen sebenarnya…ada ke gf aku suka dia..tak berkarisma langsung sebagai vampire.vampire jambu..gile lah diorang nih..jauh gileh ngan vampire yang sepatutnya smart, aristrokrasi, mcm mafia la..ada ka budak jambu ni jadi vampire..anti climax betul..

werewolf mcm best..guerilla!

P/S: aku pon x baca n x tgk citer2 tu..ngehehe

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NoktahHitam replied #1

The writer, Meyer, killed vampires! The thought of having a vampire around is supposed to be spooky not warmth! You’re supposed to feel cold and loads of tingling sensation. Whereas Ed Cullen ni, haihh.. romantic sungguh. Bosan! Most girls don’t agree, that HE’S OVERPROTECTED! Bolehlah, vampire kacak. Kalau vampire se hot Jessica Alba pon, I wouldn’t mind having her around.

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apai wrote on December 9, 2009 #3

i just read this from my feed reader. just want to show you this.

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NoktahHitam replied #1

Yiouch! Kuar dlm iklan plak.

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flisterz wrote on December 9, 2009 #4

So happy that my wife hates Twilight. Even got free tickets she don’t wanna go. But I did….Muaahaha…

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kruel74 wrote on December 9, 2009 #5

lada wrote on December 9, 2009 #6

huhu…twilight poyo!saya tidak suka Ed Cullen , die adalah seperti mayat hidup yang poyo poyo buat hensem,die tidak kacak dan tidak menarik..saya tidak faham kenape ramai perempuan minat die kerana saya juga seorang perempuan tetapi saya sangat benci die…bagi saya die hero filem terburuk yang konon konon kacak….dan ye,saya sangat benci twilight!hihihihi!

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atreyu strange replied #1

Aku juga tidak faham dengan kegilaan gadis-gadis remaja terhadap karakter Edward Cullen ini. Mungkin kerana Robert P. terlampau hensem (bagi mereka, bukan aku). Ape jadi agaknya jika karakter tersebut dimainkan oleh seorang pelakon lelaki yang tidak hensem?? Sheesh. Pasti tiada sambutan.

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hatehiscrookednose replied #1

hai trulycousin, hahaha

suara edward sgt halus n tak clear. i need headphone for that.

crooked-nose of him sgt tak menawan.

mata terlalu kecik dan sparkling konon2 sexy jg merimaskan.

hell yea, he’s not handsome.

pst.. sy bc buku dan sy tonton filem(1st one sj). new moon?? dah tak teringin. ^..^

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ewintrulycousinnamebye wrote on December 9, 2009 #7

Twilight? I nearly bought first installment of it las night, but opted for American Gangster instead.Phew!

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kidd wrote on December 10, 2009 #8

You don’t watch lovey dovey movie and then read its book, or vice versa.

Movies like Da Vinci Code or Temptation of Christ, aah yes.. You need to follow up by reading the books, or read the books first before watching the movies.

Anyway, it’s kinda easy to make a successful movies nowadays. Pay the cutest boy and the hottest girl you can find, and pair them in whatever movie genre you’d like. Be sure that they fall in love and get together in the end, regardless of your silly storyline.

Voila! Box office.

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mind wrote on December 10, 2009 #9

alahhh eddie.. bace je la.. teringat you tulis kat ps part kat entry you yang mana ntah pasal you tengok gossip girl.. you not into it but you tengok jugak hehe 😛

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nono wrote on December 10, 2009 #10

Same here. Entahlah apa yang menarik dengan Twilight. Harry Potter lagi best.

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kidd replied #1

I wonder if Mitch Albom’s For One More Day will be a satisfying read. I missed the cinematic version aired on Hallmark weeks ago.

I looove Deathcab For Cuties’ Meet Me On The Equinox.What?Oh, it was enlisted in Twilight:New Moon OST. That’s the only thing that I digged into something Twilight-ish.Heh.

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Zubaidah Arshad replied #1

For One More Day for me is a good read. One nice book for a short haul flight. You know kind of 3 hours flight. You don’t want to read it in hurry. Because for me it’s so beautiful, you want to read it word by word. :)

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famia wrote on December 10, 2009 #11

This craze over New Moon sets me beyond bewilderment. It is just one bloody self proclaimed romantic movie of the year (as if), and vampires? Who watches vampires anyway? Certainly I don’t.

I ditch movies that revolve around superheroes and vampires alike. Watching it and trying to dissolve in the storyline is so absurd, it defies logic.

That’s why I prefer American Beauty and Shawshank Redemption.

Edward Cullen who?

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Zubaidah Arshad wrote on December 10, 2009 #12

Guess you already know my stand on the movie(s).

But you know what was really painful to watch? A British “vampire” trying very hard to speak American T_T

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NoktahHitam replied #1

Aren’t vampire supposed to be Norwegian or Austrian or Eastern Euro?

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Izza Ismail replied #1

Supposedly this lot is related to Italian vampires or whatever. Couldn’t be bothered with fictitious history could I? Might as well read about the weather. At least that’s related to the million-odd essays I need to do for this Climate Change degree i’m doing.

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Izza Ismail wrote on December 14, 2009 #13

Just read the damn book~
Don’t judge a book by its cover aite?
I personally dislike the movie,
but i find the book quite awesome.
But hey, not everybody agree with me kan? 😛

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NoktahHitam replied #1

Sorry, I don’t do fiction.

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Fiza replied #1

Hm.. Too bad la then.. :)

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Fiza wrote on December 14, 2009 #14

haha..sangatlah malas nak baca novel dia. tengok movie aje la…

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ika wrote on December 18, 2009 #15

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