The Double G, Golf & Gambling

Like any normal weekdays, I’d swing a few hundred balls just to keep my composures right. On top of that, something to take the edge off. And certainly, golf helps a lot!

A couple of friends, who’s already good enough decided to tap along. I had no problem with that. Who knows, I might learn a thing or too. I was already halfway through my bucket, the friend started pulling my leg.

“Pukul dah lawa, jom la lawan”

I know for a fact, this bunch of crowd bets on the green. I declined right away. It’s against my principle, to associate gambling and sports.

They stood there, being so insistent just to ensure I’d take up the offer. They’re trying their best to win money from beginners. Bad … bad boys!

I couldn’t stand them nagging anymore, so I took the offer.

When I thought about it again, and again, and again. I don’t think I’m up for this. No way santa maria, I’d bet on the green. My father doesn’t, so I shouldn’t be. I should take a stand on this. I’m not going to bet, but I’ll make sure I’ll win.

ps: I would settle for “kalah belanje” deal

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