The Disclaimer

Since many turned into a fat lady singing off key opera about my controversial Belasah Cikgu post, I feel the urge to write a disclaimer before I sharpen my pencil.

  • My word goes to both extremes, good and bad, and eventually balanced out.
  • If you cannot balance it out, you are not reading carefully.
  • If you think I’m evil or pious, you are not reading carefully.
  • If you don’t like my writings, feel free to leave.
  • There’s no need for you to bring me down to your level.
  • You are free to leave comments as you like. However, please be reminded, personal attacks are losers game, thus making you look stupid when you’re actually pretty smart .

So allow me recompose the Belasah Cikgu post, in point forms.

Beating the Student and Ganging up on the Teacher.

  • Both parties were wrong. Teacher and Student, both morally impaired.
  • Blame the Teacher. She initiated the violence when she swung that stack of paper.
  • Blame the Student. She retaliated by ganging up on the teacher. She probably has never come across the word “Anger Management”.
  • Blame the Student. She wrote “gilebabi”. She’s a child and that’s how they express themselves. Similarly, you don’t blame a mad man for flashing their thing, it’s how they express themselves.
  • Teacher should have failed the student or call the parents or send her to the principal office. There’s no need to resort to violence.
  • How can you convince other kids to gang up on the Teacher?  Simple, the Teacher is unlikable to begin with.
  • Blame the Parents. Lack of home education, ok, that’s convenient, blame the parents.

Now you can see clearly, who tops the chart. Any more points you’d like to add?

This is my writing pattern. At a glance, you feel like I’m pointing my gun at everyone, but in actual fact I don’t even have a gun. And yet you call me names, slapped my head, insult my intelligence and worst, called me a sinner. As wicked as I can be, I have feelings too.

I guess the world is way too virtuous for a wicked mind like me. Oh well, another one of those days.

ps: I need my sleep!! Over worked la people!

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