The Daughter I Never Had, Yet

After getting stuck for 1 hour and 30 minutes from Senawang to Seremban, I decided to retire early for the day, despite many invitations to watch live bands. (Yes, I very much enjoy live performance.)

During my deep slumber I was awaken by a call. With an eye open and face on the pillow, I answered. “Hello?”

“Ayah, ayah kat mane?”

She sounded like a teenager. Still trying to mend the puzzles, I replied, “Ye..?”

“Anis ni, ayah kat mane? Ayah tak balik ke semalam?” she asked.

I got out of bed in shock, making sure I wasn’t dreaming nor sound sleepy when answering the call. I took a breathe and thought about it.

“Saya ada anak perempuan?” I replied.

“Alah, Anis ni ayah. Buat-buat tatau plak”

“Awak salah nombor ni. Saya kahwin pon belom lagi.”

“Ayah, janganlah main-main”

Seriously, it was a pure WTF moment. I wasn’t sure what to reply especially she insisted I am her father. So it’s best do I what I normally do in the office, role-playing.

“Ok, nanti pukul 2 Ayah balik, bye bye”.

“Hmm.. Anis tunggu tau. Ayah janji Ayah balik ok. Mak ckp die janji tak marah”

Whom ever the dad is, be sure to get your wrinkled ass home by 2 pm. And be ready to get a whopping from your wife! 😛

ps: Tiring trip from JB. Thank God it’s an automatic. I couldn’t imagine driving manual car and being stuck in traffic for 1.5 hours.

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