The Dark Knight – Movie Preview

The Dark Knight

For 3 years after Batman Begins (2005) I’ve waited for the sequel. Now it’s here. For those who didn’t get the joke above, well, go figure it yourself.

I remembered back in 1989, I was still in pre-school, dad took me to my first Batman movie. I was F scared of Batman more than I was of the Joker. This time it’s different.

Heath Ledger (died Jan ’08) took the limelight, nailing the Joker character, playful, sinister and mentally derailed. Coupled with seasoned actors, Bale, Caine, Freeman and Eckhart, The Dark Knight is one imperishable, spectacular and chaotically-brilliant movie.

The Dark Knight belongs to a category where no comic adaptation could enter before. Every frame forces you to the edge of the seat, and once in a while, you need to remind yourself to breath.

Dark Knight certainly is not an action movie. It’s a film that explores literary themes of the hero and villain, as well as order and anarchy. I highly recommend it, in fact, I already booked for another screening.

Nurse Joker

This is my favorite scene.

Dark Knight Poster

The movie poster. The movie’s catch phrase: Why So Serious? There’s actually a marketing site for The Dark Knight,

I’ll be dishearten if this movie isn’t nominated into Oscar for Best Movie and Best Actor (Heath Ledger).

ps: Thanks to I, queueing for the tickets isn’t an easy task. Sorry dear, I’m sure you’ll be sleepy during your training.


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  1. Damn dude.. I haven’t watch this one. If I am in KL now, I am sure I would be at the premiere screening hahahaha! I must go and watch this movie! Especially after reading this part:

    “Every frame forces you to the edge of the seat, and once in a while, you need to remind yourself to breath.”

    Pendekar Gelap, sini aku mai!!

  2. i dreamt of the joker last night πŸ™„

    psychopath! :mrgreen:

    and i’m sleepy!!!

    AyUmi’s last blog post..:: i’m in love ::

  3. NH,nape xleh submit comment? ❓

  4. garang !!!!!

  5. tgh betulkan, ape error die kuar?

  6. anyway….memang awesome giler cite nih.already watched it twice and will watch it again.and Joker….best villain (tul ke ejaan ❓ ?) ever…psycho+funny.

  7. something about MySQL bla…bla.. .(tak ingat ayat selebihnya)

  8. two thumbs :up:

    christopher nolan did it again!

    queue for tix? u r in KL, rite? can book online aper… πŸ™‚

    this morning, i just caught a trailer of 2009’s Watchmen… looks good too πŸ˜‰

  9. :up: damn good review!nice one.

    but why so serious?

  10. 😑 darn.. busy giler r skarang.. time gini banyak plak citer² best kuar panggung.. The return of The Joker.. musuh ketat batman.. x sabar aku nak tgk..

  11. ermm… must see this movie!
    arckkkk! mencinya jb land suddenly jadi far far away from my college.

    hehe… mr. batman is my hero, sejak kecik lagi πŸ˜€

  12. :up: :up: :up: :up: msti tgk…agak2, dpt challenge yg first nyer batman x?the best ever

  13. Of course can book online or sms, but KLians are so tech savvy, it’s hard to book a ticket.

  14. If you think Batman begins rock. This one doubles that.

    Lesser dark scenes, they also have tonnes of bright plot. Surely not to be missed.

  15. Spiderman is my fav superhero. He gets to swing everywhere. But envy Batman for being a filthy billionaire.

    What if Bill Gates became Batman too?

  16. I have to admit, the movie is a bit draggy. But it’s worth that RM11.

  17. garang tapi cute hahahahahaha..

    okay. kidding. πŸ™„

  18. uhh !
    konfem kena tgk neh.
    mcm besttt aja !
    btw, bukan rambut joker suppose to be green kah? haha !
    pesal jadik perang sikitΒ²? :bb

  19. yup,2jam lebih.tak rasa pun sebab lakonan hebat Heath as Joker. πŸ˜† “the plan is simple.kill..the Batman” πŸ‘Ώ

  20. tak rase? Setiap mase I was looking at my watch sambil praying, tolong jgn abes awal, tolong jgn abes awal, tolong jgn abes awal. I knew before the I watch the movie, it’s 2 hours 30 mins. Tp sbb best sgt.

  21. heath ledger was excellent! i guess it’s his last dance after all huh?

  22. Mmg best.

    sayang heath ledger mati awal. Maybe tak sempat pun dia enjoy the DK movie perks.

  23. there is another movie, but half completed.

  24. Suka tgk heath ledger dlm 10things i hate about you. :up:

  25. Seriously, tak sangka Batpod keluar macam tu!
    Tapi jalan cerita memang tak boleh blah best.
    Berbaloi. hoho

  26. heath ledger <3 πŸ˜₯

  27. at times the Joker seemed almost too smart, borderline clairvoyant, but i guess that what makes him a good foe for the Batman…

  28. serious best…joker was like always 3 steps ahead of everybody…batman and those stupid police…at least..and what makes him so influential and so masterly sinister is when he turned harvey dent to two that his dark plans whatever he was up to will have its continuity and blossom..jahat gile..n sgt pandai..

  29. ehehe ahaha ooohh.. eheehe.. oohh.. ahehe. Aku dah tgk 2 kali. aku suke gile gaye die gelak. cool haram!

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