The Contigency Plan

I was out on a date with ehem (let’s keep it discreet ok). She starts talking about her assignment and how her 1Gb was insufficient to store her work.

She’s actually throwing signal for a quick stop at Lowyat. It was peak hours, we all know how stupid it’d be to crash that place now. So I asked her to dig in my bag and trade with me (4Gb).

Contigency plan

Student Girl: What is this cotton thingy? a hanky?
NoktahHitam: That’s my under garment.
Student Girl: Eeeeeuuuwww.
NoktahHitam: It’s my contingency plan.
Student Girl: In case I turn into Hulk and made you crap your pants?
NoktahHitam: Nope.
Student Girl: Then what is your contingency plan?
NoktahHitam: In case you forgot your tampons or pads.
Imaginable steam released from her head. Right back at ya 😯 ➡

It’s becoming a worriying habit. Everytime when I’m done with my oval office, I question the cleanliness of my garment. It’s always a good thing to bring spare. Like I said, it’s my contigency plan. Do you have one?

ps: I have heavy flow pads in the trunk. You know, in case.

pss: Business call it contigency, IT call it back up, Engineer calls it redundant. What ever you call it, it’s the same shit.

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