The Awakening

Those who knew me probably know my sleeping pattern, haywire. I sleep whenever I feel tired. Could be the day, night or evening.

Yesterday was the long awaited sleep I’ve been craving for. I’ve only slept 2-3 hours since Monday. I was a little restless.


It was a hot day, but I was tucked neatly under my comforter. The dream I had was some what amusing. I was chained to my bed (not in a kinky way). I was literally wrestling my way to wake up from the sleep. Moving left and right, struggling to gain ground against whatever is holding me back.

WOAAAAAA! I screamed. I finally broke the spell.

I saw a little girl very close to my feet. I’m sure that wasn’t Adriana (my niece). She can’t even crawl, what more walk in to my room. She has to be something from the other world.

Like a deadly assassin, I took her throat and pinned her on the wall. “Why did you bother me?*”, in an angry tone, I questioned the girl several times.

In a high pitched voice, she said, “You look tasty*”.

My phone rang, I took a glimpse. When I turned back, she was gone.

I have a strong premonition that she will be back. I won’t go easy the next time. I’m going to burn her. After all, this isn’t her world and meddling with my sleep doesn’t help.

ps: The conversation was in Malay.

pss: I hate nightmares.

psss: In what way I look tasty?


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  1. haha. x pesal je die kene . =)

  2. haha.. masa tengah reading tu.. me say what..?? budak tu speaking English..?? nasib baik ada nota kaki kat bawah tu.. ok.. Kalau di translate dalam bahasa melayu.. “Kamu nampak sedap..??!!” WTH..?? Sedap tang mana tu..??!! and when u broke the spell, are you still sleeping or what..??

  3. Reply to psss: Maybe you have to exhibit much skin a little bit more often just so we, can judge which part of yours is figuratively tasty.

    Or was she literally meant tasty like Nasi putih with ikan bakar and sambal belacan?

  4. tasty.
    ko jambu kot.
    hahaha!! 😆

  5. emm, nyumm..

  6. 😕 scary giler.. huh. boleh you garang2 dengan dia.. if kita gerenti terkedu..

  7. You should will be RM600 per to pay..? haha..

  8. little green lady terlepas from kuale tu kot

  9. Green lady matron kan? Ni budak kecik

  10. I’m used to seeing them, so takde la awkward sgt. I just don’t like when they came creeping slowly or boo-yah in the face. Tu mmg kene cepuk la.

  11. gozh!! she came to da real world??
    i though u juz dreaming…but no dream??
    haha….u look tazty huh??
    waz she tazty too….?? Hakz!! kiddin. bro….

  12. maybe you should tough her up a little bit.. like rendam die dlm baldi ke.. huhu..And that tasty part, macam.. part thigh kot.. huhu..

    by the way, memang scary. 😯

  13. Between the thighs perhaps? LOL!

    Nah, burn her with ayat Quran.

  14. yum yum. sedap.

    get a proper sleep dude, no more nightmares. i love nightmares, in a way. sometimes, i know it’s a dream, and i want to be in it as long as i can, because it’s always some adventures, new experience, special things i can do. haha.

  15. well, scary dreams always frightening 😯

    and it made us tired.

    imagine has a dream chased by the police. ugh 😡

  16. you’r tasty in a kinky way?
    seram seyh.
    *nyesal baca sebelum tido, habis dah imagine y bukan2*

  17. yumm.. very tasty entry *slurrppp*

  18. haha..gile ko bong..
    aku kalo nightmares, bangun tdo nanti fobia bukan2…
    kalo dulu2 lagi la, bangun siap ada lebam2..
    aku bergusti kot dlm mimpi.. 😕 😎

  19. The spell was I remained asleep. I sort of shouted WOAA in my dream and when I woke up.

  20. Betul bong. I like the dream world too, sadly it doesn’t last.

  21. Aku pun suka tido petang, untung2 mimpi nombor, kaya aku hehe ➡

    ps:judi haram la..(ye ye aku tau..)

  22. i like tidur petang also tapi tak pernah pulak mimpi ngeri ngeri macam ni. huuu.

    in what way u look tasty ni? hehe. 🙂

    lama tak jenguk sini.

  23. tasty? :mrgreen:
    goreng pon sodap nih… :vangry:

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