The Accidental Mistake: Negaraku!

This is the first time in life, accidentally deleting a database. I’m not exactly a noob when it comes to PHP and MySQL. I make my living using these foreign languages. However, the ‘un-sangka-rable’ thing happened. Everyone stumbles.

I am mad at myself. Utterly and disgracefully hated what I did.

Negaraku has been going on for almost a year, maybe more. For bloggers, that’s the perfect place to find new exciting stories and to blog hop when they’re bored. But to think that it went dead in a blink of an eye? Urrghh! I don’t care about it’s reputation or mine, but rather the effort bloggers have piled up, makes me feel like such a loser.

Sorry. No matter how many times I have uttered this word, I still feel guilty, even if bloggers say it’s ok. But, somethings in life can’t be undone and Negaraku isn’t exactly 100% perfect. It was a swamp of spams. I used to diligently delete them, one by one, but I’m just a mere human, spammers are using automated bots, quickly dissing me to the sidewalks.

Enough of grieving. Let’s take baby steps and push forward.

I can’t promise much improvement as compared to the previous one, but I plan to make it spam proof. Other matters might include, using Malay as it’s medium (still thinking) and more people friendly. It shouldn’t be just place to land for a good 1 mins and 30 seconds (average time spent). It should be more than that. I’ve also started a Twitter account for Negaraku, the id is negarakunet.

In case if you have any idea on how to make it exciting or to further improve, go to this GoogleDoc, and add what you have in mind. You can also leave your comment here.

Question: Negaraku – Malaysian Social Bookmarking; English or Malay?

ps: I’m working on it as we speak. Go Ed go!

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