The Above 35 Party

This is basically a show and tell post.


The line up. Above 35 (age and waist) versus MCKK Under 15 match like I mentioned in my previous post. Expect more pictures.


Player’s pep talk and deciding which position to play.


Lifting trial. He had his eyes on the prize.


Game on the way. I wonder why I ran/pose like a girl.


Anticipating the pass. Still, looked like a girl. Maybe it’s the light blue boots.


Dashing to the line. It took 3 players to bring down this old horse. The old guy following me is older than dad.


Bulu eventually got to the line. His eagerness to score killed the kids.

images00008.jpgimages00009.jpgimages00010.jpgimages00011.jpgimages00012.jpgimages00013.jpg Click to view other photo.

We won by 31-0. The challenge every year is to not let the kids score. In that aspect, we succeeded.

It was supposed to be an Above 35 (waist or age) team, I am certainly not 35 year old, nor do I have a 35 waist line. I’m somewhere along 29-30. But I used to be in 36 inch pants. I guess sometimes they can make an exemption.

Pics taken on 18 April 2009 by Munzir.

ps: What’s the point of missing someone who’s not missing you?

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