That Red Cherry Lip Balm

I always carry with me a red-cherry flavored lip balm no matter where I go. I’m not exactly vain, but I like my lips wet and I hate licking them (it could send the wrong type of signal).

That Red Cherry Lip Balm

As I was strolling along my new work place (dashing from floor to floor meeting people), I couldn’t help but play with my balm. Open cap, close cap. The cycle repeats infinitely.

Edwin, you pakai lipbalm?” a hot babe asked. I smirked. It’s the new age, everyone wants to look good. And no exception to me, plus, I’ve always been the sales oriented type of person. So looking good is a plus point.

Pelik tengok lelaki pakai, I pon tak pakai.” she added.

You nak sikit?” I replied.

She blushed and pretended we never had the conversation.

ps: Be careful when striking a conversation, it might hit you back.


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  1. tgh pakai tuh sekali earthquake. habis tersapu muka. ehhe 🙂

  2. Maybe she’s trying to imply that she doesn’t need all that because her lips are naturally hydrated? My lips are pretty sensitive too and I must at least apply the lip balm twice a day to keep it hydrated.

  3. aku ade yg biru. huhu. tak beli cherry sbb takut jilat2. 😛

  4. Yang biru muda atau biru tua? I have to use the biru muda one because it’s more hydrated. Huhu.

  5. uih.. nk kene angkat gak benda nih.. skang ni dah la musim sejuk~ bibir plak cepat jer kering~

  6. biru tua. 😀

  7. Sorry bro but I think you are really in touch with your feminine side, which is not really a bad thing n I do have mine too…

  8. bapak horny gaya kau jawab soklan dia, aku pun nak buat camtue rr! Nak pakai lip balm gak!!

  9. Hahaha… Licking your own lips might send wrong message to some people.

    So does asking a girl like that. =)

  10. haha.. altho my girl frens (not gf laa) they don’t use lip balm not because they’re not feminine or whatsoever..
    well, it’s true that we need to look good but i think we should wear it for healthy purpose.
    haha (i don’t hav d right to say this actually haha)

  11. wooh daring betul haha

  12. i have the same cherry kiss as yours,
    tapi cepat habis sebab rasa dia best duk main jilat2 aje, hahahaha,
    kalo tengok lipbalm tuh mesti nampak macam sedap aje, macam nak makan lipbalm tu pun ada.

    p/s: still fawwaz your follower but different blog. ;D

  13. a friend of mine wears MAC compact powder ( the foundation one), coloured contact lenses and eyeliner on a regular basis. And right now, he keeps bugging me with a ridiculous Q ; which brand has the best MASCARA at the moment in the market for him to try on?

    dont worry eddie, guys wearing lip balm are perfectly NORMAL. trust me.

  14. adik lelaki aku pun guna lip balm.
    kakak dia tak penah guna pun.


  15. Betul, menjilat bibir adalah suatu perlakuan yang kurang sopan.

    Tapi bila pakai lip balm, lagi terasa nak jilat bibir! Selagi tak habis rasa cherry tu, selagi tu duk jilat aje memanjang!

    Maybe something’s wrong with my nerve system 😆

  16. hahah..btol2..lg ade lipbalm lg rase nk jilat..manis!

  17. Same here! Jilat jugak. Tp kadang2. Cume ade org pernah tanye, kenape berkilat bibir you? Hahaha

  18. MAC? I used to have it’s facial wash but didn’t really like it. Beli sbb rase macam ‘terpakse’, org sales tu aggressive sgt.

  19. It was within a second reply, if she meant what you said, she would’ve bounced back. Sadly..

  20. Hohoho ini bukan California or Kobe nak earthquake setiap hujung minggu 😛

  21. Some quoted me, “I know you carry tampon like lipbalm”.. damn. I have no come back lines when it comes to that 😀

  22. I was just being polite. Macam kite makan la,”jemput makan”, walhal kite ajak2 ayam je. 😀

  23. that nivea one is really nice. I’ve got in both cherry (tapi sudah nak habis) and strawberry.

    Err..the cherry one has a (quite obvious) reddish tint doesn’t it?

  24. auwww ptt deme gorjes…kah3…
    aku salu bibir kering minum air byk pun tak jadi..
    awek dah suh pki…akan dipakai la nti..huhu..perisa ape yg best?hahaha

  25. Perise same mcm aku. Best! Rase gojes and sexayh!

    Deme sejak bile ade awek plak ni? Ehem.. bile nak kawen ni? (soalan standard Man)

  26. i pun pakai lip balm tu…
    ok je lelaki nak pakai lip balm…
    bibir lagi nampak fresh lah..

  27. hahha. aku bukan tamo pakai. tapi klu aku pakai. kejap je kt bibir ni. dlm seminit..hilang dh. aku jilat2 telan. haw3.

  28. tell him shu uemura gives the best curl. haha

  29. ahaa.. i think i get it from the way she’s reacting when u replied, she might be thinking that “uh-oh… is he gay or something… weird guy. erkk!”

    ahaa… maybe-lah. because i got the same reaction when my brother told me he had lipbalm as well.

    tapi itu dulu… sekarang people are justifying it by creating another male-species, ie; metrosexual guys.

  30. Can’t really blame guys if they want to look good as well 😉

  31. here is a beauty tip that my mom shares with me.

    kalau bibir kering, sapu vaseline sket kat bibir before tidur. just be mindful that you tak overlick or smear it on your pillow la…

    plus, vaseline works wonders if applied on your eyelids… mata nampak segar je ble amek gambar. ngee…

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