That Red Cherry Lip Balm

I always carry with me a red-cherry flavored lip balm no matter where I go. I’m not exactly vain, but I like my lips wet and I hate licking them (it could send the wrong type of signal).

As I was strolling along my new work place (dashing from floor to floor meeting people), I couldn’t help but play with my balm. Open cap, close cap. The cycle repeats infinitely.

Edwin, you pakai lipbalm?” a hot babe asked. I smirked. It’s the new age, everyone wants to look good. And no exception to me, plus, I’ve always been the sales oriented type of person. So looking good is a plus point.

Pelik tengok lelaki pakai, I pon tak pakai.” she added.

You nak sikit?” I replied.

She blushed and pretended we never had the conversation.

ps: Be careful when striking a conversation, it might hit you back.

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