Terserempak Dia

It was a hot day in Penang (my home town), and dad’s last minute groceries placed on our backs certainly doesn’t help. Tomorrow is Eid. We had to get our chickens, ice creams, sodas before everyone shuts down.

On our way back to grandma’s, we were tipped to get a Songkok for my youngest brother, who conveniently dejected Giants (yes, the hyper mart) brand. Lucky him.

While I was looking for a good shot through the tiny viewfinder, my lens pecked a familiar face. I lowered my camera.

“APAII!” I cried out loud, hogging everyone’s attention.

“EDDIE!” Apai made his way through the crowds and jumped in my face. It’s been years since we last met. All this while, Apai would call me and we chatted for a good hour or so. (Kinda feel guilty for not returning the favor).

His brother and mine looked at us, probably wonder why we were so high spirited. If there’s anyone in the world who can change a sad movie to a highly enthusiastic motivational talk, that would be Apai. With Apai, every single sentence must end with an exclamation mark, that includes asking whereabouts 😉


“Apai, pose for me!” and so he did.

So if you’re wondering who is Apai? He’s the one that guards our National Airspace. Nice to see you in great shape.

ps: More Eid post?


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omg. i missed some of my ‘not so befriended’ buddies at my school time.

time changes people.

omg i love this and it’s nice.

p.s: waiting for terserempak with any friend 5 years in the future. gwah.

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alone wrote on September 29, 2009 #1

Cheitt. Aku ingatkan kau terserempak dengan gadis idaman. Bersemangat aku bukak tab nih nak tengok muka. Haha.

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soot replied #1

sama ah
aku pon berfikir bnda yg sama

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NoktahHitam replied #1

Something is wrong with my blog. I wrote a pretty long reply and it doesn’t seem to work. Aiyo. Anyway, padan muke for expecting me to put up a girl’s face here 😀

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atreyustrange wrote on September 29, 2009 #2

selamat hari raya eddie..moga pengisian ramadhan kali ni bagus..buat lebih baik taun depan..perut aku lagi besar dr kau..maaf zahir batin, terima kasih.

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apai wrote on October 4, 2009 #3

Leave a comment, I won't bite ;)

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