Tendering My Resignation as a Blogger

For the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking about quiting blogging.

NoktahHitam, the initial idea was to be an emo blog, Titik Hitam to be exact. But I didn’t like the name, I could be mistaken for Tetek Hitam. Ugh, wouldn’t that be a sinful name?

So What is NH? Honestly, NH is nothing more than a shrine for my ex. Most of the stories here resembles our long gone relationship (4 years ago). I am an analytical guy. Somehow, this feeling, I don’t know how to comprehend. So I keep writing and writing, dwelling on the feelings she left me with. I don’t want that feeling to swallow me.

So my dear readers, I’m sorry if I have eluded you with erratic symphony and melancholic writing style of mine. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

If you have any last words or encouragements before I quit, please leave them in my comment. How significant is NH to you? I will make my decision on Tuesday.

Warmest Regards, Edwin Masripan.

ps : Silent readers, time for you to speak up before its too late.


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  1. Love reading other ppl blog. Yours is one of them. Here not to tell you what to do. It’s your choice, old enough to make own decision. I believe if you close this one, a new one will be created. It’s in your blood i guess. Just keep us posted.

  2. hey, if u quit who will feed my wicked soul โ“

    p/s:just in case u hv a new one, let me know ok?

  3. ermm..eddie nak tengok baper byk silent readers yg nak komen kat sini.

    silent readers, time to speak up before its too late.

    arejae’s last blog post..Jom cuba ubuntu !

  4. silent reader malu-malu pulak nak bagi komen ๐Ÿ™„

    say something.. jangan bagi eddie quit.

    paling ringkas pun cakap je ‘don’t quit’. dah. eddie musti suka ๐Ÿ˜†

    AyUmi’s last blog post..:: what i am physically ::

  5. there r good days n there r bad days… the thing is to stand up straight and tall. continue blogging if you feel it is something worthwhile. i can sense that it means something to you. persevere on in blogging

    Bengbeng’s last blog post..Simple cooking ideas for singles or small families

  6. noktah putih? hmm tak sesuai. nanti semua tukar kaler putih tak nampak apa dah. nice la nama ni.

    and kalau tukar to noktah putih, adakah dari segi penulisan juga akan bertukar menjadi yg baikยฒ saja? (not that i’m saying noktah hitam is bad, jgn salah faham ya mr eddie.)

    i like ur writing. in fact kat sini leh lepakยฒ, leh main ngan AyUmi etc etc..

  7. wohohoho AyUmi! bos panggil tu…!

  8. >> nice la nama ni >> refer to nama noktahhitam.

  9. hahaha. t.a.t.a, jom main-main jom ๐Ÿ˜†

    eddie sungguh serius ๐Ÿ™„ t.a.t.a sila la pujuk eddie. mungkin dia suka bila kau pujuk ๐Ÿ˜ณ

    AyUmi’s last blog post..:: what i am physically ::

  10. Okay. I’m one of your silent readers. Well, I did post some comments on a few entries but that doesn’t mean I don’t read the rest of the posts. In fact, I do read every freaking post. ๐Ÿ˜› I really do enjoy reading your blog and I’m sure the others do feel the same too.

    Please don’t quit. Well, you could always start a new one. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Mira’s last blog post..Lalalala..

  11. hey…
    i just stumbled across your blog and i love reading it. i think you’re a great writer with a lot of great things to tell. i’m not telling u that u should/n’t quit. do what you think is right. your readers would respect and understand (maybe not in the near future but sooner or later they would) whatever decision that you’ll make.

    Nads’s last blog post..(Should be) Packing My Bags

  12. Well ‘noktah’ always mean a stop to sentences. And ‘hitam’ makes the ‘noktah’ visible. Is this blog just for presenting your frustration with ur ex? O.M.G. It’s so 2004. Well, I wish you’ll start new afresh with a new blog or you can keep this blog ON. Start with a new name instead of NH(I think the name is cursed,wicked and dark enough..and sad too…, :p).You’re talented writer, if you ever realized that youself. Your blog got most traffics. And you got many new friends.. I can feel an emptiness in my heart knowing that you’re going to give up blogging. Even I don’t know you in person, but I enjoyed most of your posts and still enjoying. I was planning to read your post from the beginning, well, because I really want to know you from the beginning. Just don’t forgo this blog.. I really need time to read all your entries. Whatever your choice is, I just want to let you know that you have been virtually be my friend even you never know who I am. Thanx for all ur interesting stories and words. Sky is the limit Eddie,to write or not, the matter is you.

  13. don’t don’t ever stop blogging, i read ur blog at office everyday!!

  14. err.. aku mana reti nak pujuk org ni? lelagi lelaki.. hish tak reti weii…

    err.. eddieee… nak coklat tak? ferrero rocher? nak tak?

  15. apsal aku kena buh nama aku nu….. plak?
    nama aku sebenar, cik kalkulator…

    tapi, aku suka kalo org panggil cik simpankira…

    (kalo kalkulator..nnt org tanya, kalkulator scientific ke tak..nnt jenuh la aku nk jawab…)

  16. eddie..mungkin kau patut rest 2-3 minggu gitu…


    nanti, cik simpankira pun akan kembali…

  17. t.a.t.a, aku nak. aku nak. baik kau pujuk aku. aku merajuk sekarang okay..

    okay.. dah. sila pujuk.

    AyUmi’s last blog post..:: trying to get over ::

  18. haha. bengong la kau cik simpankira slash cik kalkulator.

    lawak tak bleh blah… hahaha..

    AyUmi’s last blog post..:: trying to get over ::

  19. lol! im a silent reader! =)

    and i really like this blog. lets just say, in the emergence of socio-political blogs in Malaysia, its good to have your company.

    But, i know, coz ppl in Malaysia started to believe that blogs=politics, therefore, its easy to see guys like you extinct.

    resigning? go ahead. its up to you,the blogger in question. but deep down inside me, i believe that you are going to come back with a new blog, maybe dropping that name NH, and start to do one featuring your own name to add to the blog’s credibility.

    i see you enjoy designing this place, and enjoy writing things other than your life too. you thought of others, and ppl come to this place for inspiration. Including me, the reader in question. (yeah, i have a lot of question in my mind coz im just started to land on this blog Dec31, 2007–> i put it on my GoogleReader, LOL!)

    i just feel you like to do this (blogging), and you are not doing this for the sake of forgetting a broken relationship. If I am wrong, then go ahead, resign.

    who am I to stop you? I am just another concerned silent reader with less likely influential words.

    hilman’s last blog post..Merge Partially Complete

  20. im a silent reader for quite some time now and i admit i had fallen in love with your blog. they way you write and display your content and thoughts are very consistent and encouraging sometimes.

    its a pity if you decide to stop blogging. but again that is your very own decision so it is really up to you.

    all the best in anything that you do, ok?

    shandye’s last blog post..tbe2 jewr teringat: lagu kegemaran HIM…

  21. Eddie, I can’t change your decision, if you have decided to quit blogging.


    Eddie, I love reading your blog, I really do. if you quit blogging, i nak baca blog siapa lagi? you are my friend eddie, i’ll definitely miss reading your blog. sometimes, your words make me tougher. and I’ll definitely miss that the most.

    now, you say that you are going to quit blogging. next, you are going to quit reading blogs, especially my blog. I want to read your comments.

    (ok, dah menyimpang jauh nampaknya)

    and about your initial reason, well, you could always start over, right. whther you continue at Noktahhitam with fresh posts, or you create a totally new blog.

    and… I learn a lot from your posts, your posts make me think. and, I also learn a lot of new words by reading your blog (you know my vocab sucks right?). so yeah, don’t quit blogging.

    :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

    Aisyah’s last blog post..The Real Me

  22. huk aloh dia ni..
    AyUmi dear kalau u yg merajuk i bagi hugs and kisses je… heheh

    *hugs and kisses*

  23. ehh cik simpankira slash cik kalkulator, bukan kah kalkulator dlm malay nya mesin kira?
    hahahah cik mesin kira. will imagine mesin yg sedang mengira.. hahahah

    ops sori. no heart feeling ok…

  24. Quit blogging and let that talent go to waste? Don’t pine and whine no more, Edwin. There’s so much more you could do with your life.

    Coral’s last blog post..Dinner that went Awry

  25. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ what a news,mr E.i’m just a silent reader who happens 2 love reading your blog.mcm newspaper dah,WAJIB bace every single day.so,kalo mr E nak resign gak,xleh nak ckp pape lah kan,but damn sure i’ll miss it. ๐Ÿ™

  26. eddie oh eddie, dont quit please oh please.

    unless, if thats what makes you happy, of course.

    Aisyah’s last blog post..The Real Me

  27. eddie, it’s tuesday now and you can keep blogging now.
    forget all the past, start with a shine,glimmering sun…

    hanep’s last blog post..Why do I love home?

  28. Don’t quit

  29. dont quit,dont quit,dont quit……or u can just write in my blog-lah hehehe ๐Ÿ˜€ coz i dont know what i should write…

    ika’s last blog post..ari yang sungguh huduhโ€ฆ

  30. NoktahHitam, though i seldom comment, but i do love reading your post very much. You have a fine way of expressing yourself. Whatever you do, be it quit blogging for real, or start a new blog a few years later, wish you all the very best. Hope once in a while, you still drop at my blog and say hi. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yor’re always welcome back to the blogosphere should you decide to make a reappearance here.

    drumsticks’s last blog post..Car Affairs

  31. ok, my fren go thru my blog, and found the link to your article on the buang bayi sinful act. she’s a law student and determined not to allow abortion and despise buang bayi even thou she knows a lecturer saying the act as a right.

    your article had already inspired someone to take a stand for change. do you want to quit inspiring?

    hilman’s last blog post..Merge Partially Complete

  32. let’s just hope she keeps that determination going ๐Ÿ˜‰

  33. tetek aku kaler ape? kaler kulit aku la. lain la kalau nipple ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    tak kesah kaler ape, janji berkotak2 โžก โžก

  34. hijau? thats the color of vomit! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  35. oh? Silekan. jgn kene gigit sudah โžก

  36. if is start a new one, I wont tell any of you. I’ll leave clues on NH. So pandai2 la cari :p

  37. shandye! I read your blog too (not so often, I have to admit).

    I probably wont stop, but will just lower down my tempo in writing.

  38. you can always catch me on YM! โ— โ—

  39. you consider this as talents? I’m flattered, thank you โ—

  40. I don’t write daily newspaper stuff like mael. but I’m glad you liked it โžก

  41. satu kehilangan if u stop writing. But, then if you think it’s about time to stop.. we have to respect it. If you stop, we gonna miss you dude!

  42. rajinnya daku baca komen-komen di atas.. hahaha

    so, Mr Eddie.. what’s ur final decision? sorry tak sempat nk go through ur blog.. 1st time visit utk bln May.. huhu

    !x0r@’s last blog post..Emotions are running awayโ€ฆ

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