Teacher Rapes 15 Year Old Girl

Years ago, I heard a story of a teacher who raped his student. I don’t buy word of mouth stories, they’re pointless and baseless. I believe in cold, hard evidence. Unfortunately HarianMetro brought my nightmare to life.

Shahrul Nizam wrote, the married teacher raped the 15 year old girl twice. What made it sick was the teacher is a Guru Penolong Kanan, whom is now remanded 6 days for futher investigation. You can read more here.

Anyway, how can she be raped twice? She fell for the same trap?

I hope when he gets his whipping, he won’t be able to sit.

He sure is one brainless guy or rather his brain is in his penis, dick head!

ps: boring weekend!

pss: Guru Penolong Kanan in English?


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  1. It’s Right helper teacher lorh! 😮

    just kidding! 😀 Actually, there is two G.P.K in every school.. One is HEP(Hal ehwal pelajar) – Senior Assistant of Students’ Affairs.

    and the other one is HEA(Hal ehwal akademik) – Senior Assistant of Co-curricular Activities.

    Back then, in my school, we didnt use ‘guru penolong kanan’ term but HEA and HEP..

    p/s: There is a misspelled.. [pss: Guru Penolong Kanang in English?]

  2. Its not boring.. but.. the worst weekend i ever had this year.. perhaps!! 😡

  3. ehh.. what happened?

    btw, what happened to your blog?

  4. pardon me tapi kan…maybe its not a rape case? maybe they had a kind of affair ke? then the girl dah terkantoi n said the bastard raped her?

    laila’s last blog post..Prayer

  5. dah lama tak baca paper 🙄

    AyUmi’s last blog post..:: note ::

  6. psstt.. saffa, NH orang terengganu. that’s why he spelled ‘guru penolong kanan’ as ‘guru penolong kanang’


    AyUmi’s last blog post..:: note ::

  7. tak bleh percaya kat suma orang la skang ni~ dunia & orang2 nya skang ni makin rosak!! sedihnye~

    buzzybug’s last blog post..about the trip

  8. kena rape sampai dua kali??

    Kali pertama mungkin rape..

    Kali kedua… hmmphh.. no komen.. mungkin suka sama suka.. entahla..

    pieja’s last blog post..Kebebasan Yang Tiada Batasan!

  9. Alaa AyUmi, takkan I nak kene edit balik.. malas nye..

  10. still die seorang minor… plus 15 year old. The guy really shouldve known better.

  11. dear, i tak suruh pun u edit. let it be. let it be. let it be. 😆 u comel la bila salah eja. hahahahaha~

    AyUmi’s last blog post..:: Littlest Things ::

  12. tak yah bace paper… i pon tak bace 😀

  13. it really came as no surprise actually. i thought i saw the same thing when i was in primary 6. science teacher played around w a 12 yr old.

    Im sure he’s a dick head because one who is supposed to be an educated person boleh pulak terlupa that below 16 is a No-No kan..

    Whether or not he can get away with this, Im sure he has lost his career.Aih, you dont play around w women, even when she’s only 15..

    In Za’s last blog post..Je-loy-si

  14. a shocking news, i think this is happens more than we think because most of the the time the victim didnt stand up and make a report.

    erm…referring to one of the comment, i believe that through body check ups, you can reveal if she was raped or not according to the tear.

  15. 😈 ish2… org2 dewasa zaman skerang ni! 🙄

  16. haha~
    after reading this, a lot of this,
    xtahu dh nk ckp apa~
    speechless suda. =.=”
    benda mcm neyh xbuleyh nk salah sapa².
    erm. rasanya, aisyahrozi ada juga sentuh pasal crita neyh~ 🙂
    hmph! 🙂

    ps : haha! those bleeding cowboy font mmg masukk gila dgn logo tuh~ 🙂 chantq!!

    helmie.’s last blog post..Oh! Serabut.

  17. sebab paper tu buat abes RM1.50 je. padahal content tak byk menarik mane pon.

  18. why the student kept quiet? 😡
    dah la the teacher penolong kanan.
    wht happen to the world? :S

  19. pastu main heading kat muka surat depan tu mende2 mengarut je. huhuhu. l

    AyUmi’s last blog post..:: Littlest Things ::

  20. 🙄 macam2 alasan.. ok ok… yea2… 🙁

    saffa’s last blog post..Its not over, yet!

  21. org ganu terer eja la..bila time spelling, jarang salah..
    ni bukan org ganu ni…

  22. don’t say the 2nd time was suka sama suka lah… kesian the girl… if she liked it, she wouldn’t be depressed .. she is only 15 anyway … what does a 15-year old girl can do when she was pinned down?

    As for falling for the trap the second time.. she was an innocent … the teacher abused his power as a Penolong Kanan.. she IS a minor – and not every 15-year old is smart enough to know when she is being tricked … why is it that people tend to say that it could be the girl’s fault? Terkantoi and then reported for rape? C’mon lah .. he’s the adult – a respective teacher at that … he should know better …

    melbie’s last blog post..Be Safe Than Sorry

  23. What really does Guru Penolong Kanan differs from other teachers in the school? And oh, that little poor girl, i bet she liked it too coz it made them twice.

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