Teacher Rapes 15 Year Old Girl

Years ago, I heard a story of a teacher who raped his student. I don’t buy word of mouth stories, they’re pointless and baseless. I believe in cold, hard evidence. Unfortunately HarianMetro brought my nightmare to life.

Shahrul Nizam wrote, the married teacher raped the 15 year old girl twice. What made it sick was the teacher is a Guru Penolong Kanan, whom is now remanded 6 days for futher investigation. You can read more here.

Anyway, how can she be raped twice? She fell for the same trap?

I hope when he gets his whipping, he won’t be able to sit.

He sure is one brainless guy or rather his brain is in his penis, dick head!

ps: boring weekend!

pss: Guru Penolong Kanan in English?

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