Taking 5 Minutes Off

Marie Digby

Let’s take five minutes off. She’s hot and talented. Check her out at youtube. Thanks Mr. I, now my take 5 becomes take 30! aaahh.. such tranquility.

Now I have someone haunting my sleep.. darn!


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  1. there’s no easy way to say goodbye, so baby just say goodby

  2. I play classical/acoustics guitar. Mainly on lead.

    But this gurl, OWWWCHHHH!!!


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  3. wow..kewll.thanks for sharing haahahaha

  4. Hi NH.

    I read about you resigning from blogging? That’s BS. Maybe we all should click the restart button once in a while. Hell, I did. But don’t stop, never stop.

    I’m not really a silent reader, I’ve only read two of your posts so I guess that doesn’t really make me a regular. But if you’re wondering why I’m commenting here, its because Marie Digby brought me to your blog a while ago =)

    I was looking for her showcase details. I went to OU to watch her rock out on the 14th, ’twas great. Anyway, keep blogging ya.

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