Supply and Demand

Running a solo business is tiresome. Although I outsource tedious works, I always find myself revisiting the chores again. Being a perfectionist is such a pain in the ass.

Yesterday I got an email from a potential client. He wrote, “Please view our site and give feedback on what needs improvement. Please revert within 24 hours like company E“. Honestly, I don’t see any merit in helping him out.

I may appear stingy, but business is business.

It’s like taking your car to a workshop, ask them to troubleshoot, then bring your car to your preferred mechanic. It’s a lot of bull.

Back to the email,

  1. He is asking for my professional advise without assurance that he’ll award me the job.
  2. I don’t like being compared to.
  3. I don’t like being rushed.
  4. He sounds fussy. I’m sure there’ll be tonnes of work load.
  5. Looks like a tight deadline with a small budget.
  6. I have deadlines to catch up.

Judging by the above, I’m sure you’ll gently decline your kind assistance. But I helped him anyway.

ps: Gotta stop being a nice guy (and a perfectionist), it’s killing me softly.


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  1. looks pretty much like my boss up there! ahaa.

  2. bill for consultation hun!

  3. Being nice is part of you dude, although you may not realise that.. too busy trying to be evil? 😛 😛

  4. Nobody is gonna pay. Done that before. Yang penting, ikhlas je. Cantik ke tidak, itu Malaysian web jugak. If my comments were futile, I’m sure it’ll look great.

  5. I forgot my pitchfork, that’s why it’s tough trying to be evil ➡

  6. I can let you mine. Crooked pitchfork. 😆

  7. hurm.. he used you like you’re some kind of

    “go to, type, enter, found answer, get off”


  8. aku juga mempunyai penyakit perfectionist. x sangka jumpa sorang lagi kat sini. huhu.

  9. Hmm, challenge .
    i met a lot of that-type customer. =)

  10. agree. it also killing slowly and it become worst. Need to change. 😡

  11. mcm cool je term yang bong guna “too busy trying to be evil” hehe 🙂

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